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Arriving at Newcastle Island (Saysutchun)! (+4 insets)

Arriving at Newcastle Island (Saysutchun)! (+4 insets)
(+4 insets) (this picture is super at full-size!)

Our visit to Newcastle Island--Saysutshun--was really wonderful and I got lots of pictures which I've finally finished processing. I wanted to present them in a logical order so I'll be rolling them out in four more presentations including this one. :) I hope you enjoy the show!

Setting Foot on Saysutshun
The short ferry ride to Saysutshun was lovely and we enjoyed taking pictures as we approached the island's harbor. Many boats were moored outside the main cove and it was neat to see the variety of sizes and types.

Steve helped get the bikes off the ferry and we made our way up to the visitor's booth, where we were greeted by a very gentle and knowledgeable man and his big smile. Speaking in his soft voice, we were given a map of the island and suggestions on where we should go to make the most of our visit.

He told us about the spiritual power of this place and I did not doubt a word of what he was saying. I felt it vividly the moment we arrived. There was a very strong sense of spiritual energy that emanated from the island, something that was very surprising and wonderful to me. Although I'm not religious in the traditional sense, I consider myself to be very spiritual and in touch with the planet and its life forms. I could feel this energy strongly from the island itself but also from the man who was speaking to us. It was totally fascinating to me. Steve could feel that there was something a bit different going on but for me it was very strong. Cool. (If you'd like more information, this is a link to the island's culture and history page (click).

Today's Pictures
My main picture shows the boats we saw moored outside and at the mouth of the island's harbor. Saysutshun offers moorage to visitors and residents and I can see why it's such a popular place for boaters to come and stay!

Insets include more pictures of the boats as well as an extremely wide, 360 degree panorama of the view from the visitor's kiosk. You can see my bike on one side near the kiosk and on the left, one of their wonderful totems which is set up at a meeting area complete with a host of benches. Finally, there is a picture of the lovely tribal artwork adorning the visitor's kiosk.

Rock Tumbling Update
After reevaluating the rocks over a week ago, I pushed most back to the first step but allowed others to go on to the second step, and yesterday I washed them all off and put them in a pan of water to appreciate how they were coming along.

WOWZERS!!! It was really wise to be more critical of every rock and its realistic progress because the difference in quality of tumbling was blatantly obvious! About 95% of the rocks in Step 2 looked AMAZING. Silky smooth and with very few divots or rough spots, I gave the green light to almost every one to head to Step 3--the Pre-polish stage! I'm so excited…they'll be heading to the final stage in another week, and just WAIT until you guys see these beauties, they are just GORGEOUS!!

The Step 1 rocks were also in great shape and though I had to hold back a large handful, I've placed all of the ones that are ready go to go Step 2 into a jar where they will sit until I get enough rocks that will fill a tumbler. In the meantime, I filled the second tumbler with all of the rocks that I decided to re-run as Step 1's and added a few new rocks to fill the tumbler. There are some seriously gorgeous rocks in that batch…heh…every batch…:D…and it will be such fun to share pictures of the polished beauties!

Pam, I hope all is well in your world! Feeling a bit better each day I hope! You've been on my mind as I gather rocks, I am sure you would love them all as much as I do! *BIG HUGS* from southern Oregon!

Explored on 1/27/20; highest placement #1.

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Nouchetdu38 club
a dream landscape !!!!*****
5 months ago.
Nouchetdu38 club has added
Nice insets too!!!!!!!!**************
Best regards!
5 months ago.
 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Admirable capture reposante avec une Parfaite sérénité et grande plénitude .
Bonne semaine.
5 months ago.
 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
5 months ago.
 John Cass
John Cass club
Beautiful panoramic shot, lovely PiP's.
5 months ago.
uwschu club
was für eine schöne Ecke, kann mir vorstellen, das Spaß bereitet, dort den Urlaub zu verbringen
5 months ago.
Excellentes *****
5 months ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
A wonderful view
5 months ago.
 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Je revisite et je vous félicite pour ce que vous faites comme travail remarquable.
Bonne et heureuse soiree.
5 months ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
5 months ago.
 Josiane Dirickx
Josiane Dirickx club
Les inserts comme la photo sont superbes un beau travail dans rendus ! ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
5 months ago.
 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Superbes photo et vue avec notes. Nicole.
5 months ago.
Ruesterstaude club
Wieder eine schöne Reisedokumentation, Janet! Zunächst nur drei Sterne, demnächst etwas mehr.
5 months ago.
 José Manuel Polo
José Manuel Polo club
Paisaje hermoso con belleza bien captada y PiPs de buen detalle. Gran trabajo, Janet.
5 months ago.
 Fred Fouarge
Fred Fouarge club
5 months ago.
sasithorn_s club
Superb panoramic scenery! Remarkable PiPs especially the last one!!
Thanks for sharing, Janet!
Have a good new week!
5 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Fabulous series!
5 months ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
5 months ago.
RHH club
Looks like a wonderful place from your photos and I love the panoramas. Have been trying to remember to take them when we are in an appropriate place, but sometimes forget. I like the main photo best but the big panorama is really great.

Rose did most of the cooking today and it was probably a good thing as I'm exhausted. She and Nancy are away tonight and Scott and I are babysitting. Just got all the littles off to bed so it's finally quiet and peaceful but I'm too tired to enjoty it.

Sorted some photos of Yellowstone today so that I can finish that long series. Have to post photos yet of the geyser basins on the lower west side - Black Sands, Biscuit, Midway - and then a few other things before moving on.

May not have much opportunity while we're away to Texas. Not sure I even want to bring my computer, though I probably will so I can post something occasionally. Certainly won't be posting every day, though, as I am now.

Also sorted photos of Zion and Bryce from last spring (haven't posted anything from those parks and have some spectacular photos from both. Haven't finish my series of the desert parks either - still have Anza-borrego to do.

You were correct about Nancy taking the littles outside. She's really good at entertaining them and they love going outside with her. They never lack for things to do when she's with them. She even cleaned off the trampoline for them today.

Not much else new. Almost too tired to think, so will get back to this tomorrow.
5 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.
Esther club
I'm looking forward to seeing the end results of your rock tumbling. I watched a YouTube video on how beads were made and it involved cutting, tumbling and turning on special machines to acquire the round shape. Will you make jewelry out of your rocks or will you just show them off around the house?
5 months ago.
Kawasirius club
Je suis émerveillé par vos photos de Newcastle Island ! Elles sont toutes d'une exceptionnelle beauté qui reflète le caractère exceptionnel de ce lieu ! Je comprends pourquoi on vous à vanté la puissance spirituelle de ce site ! Une mention toute particulière pour le panorama à 360° ******
Merci pour ce partage, bonne journée, Janet !
5 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.
neira-Dan club
beau paysage de bord de mer ; il respire la sérénité ; superbe prise
5 months ago.
 Vijay Uppar
Vijay Uppar
Most beautiful place , excellent photography and you captured photography so outstanding.
5 months ago.
 Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨*
Valeriane ♫ ♫ ♫¨* club
absolument magnifique***************************
belle semaine Janet ! bisous à vous deux♫
5 months ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
A wonderful landscape, Janet !
5 months ago.
 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
A set of images to your usual high quality but the main image on full screen is the star of the show it has great composition and wonderful light to add the the lovely landscape.
5 months ago.
So beautiful my dear pod sister. (and thank you for your kind words)
5 months ago.
 Trudy Tuinstra
Trudy Tuinstra club
what a beautiful place you show us here
5 months ago.
 * ઇઉ *
* ઇઉ * club
Great pictures and trip report, Janet!
Thanks for the link to the fascinating culture and history
of Saysutshun/Newcastle Island.
5 months ago.
 Keith Burton
Keith Burton club
Another beautiful series of photos.......................my fave is the panorama in the final PiP- it's absolutely stunning and perfectly exposed throughout the whole scene. The sky is awesome and I like the splashed of red from your bike and the artwork. I also like the silhouetted totem pole on the far left.

Your main image is excellent too..............the light is gorgeous, especially where it's reflected on the water and I like all the sailing boats.

Such a beautiful location, and it certainly seems that you fell in love with the place as soon as you landed.

The rock tumbling seems like fun.................I'm looking forward to seeing some images of the final results!
5 months ago.
©UdoSm club
5 months ago.
RHH club
Back again after a good night's sleep. Have to leave in a while and pick up a few items that we have difficulty getting on the other side of the border including good mint sauce for lamb. Then it's lunch with Rose's father-in-law, a good friend, and then back at cooking, child care, and all the rest. Nancy's doing the cooking today, though, so I get a bit of a break, but with a busy family the work expands to fill every available moment.

Glad Steve has taken up reading and hope he continues. Am going to take a couple of books by Rumer Godden along when we go to Texas. Read them years ago but want to read them again - Episode of Sparrows, In this House of Brede and maybe China Court. Not a well known author but we brought a bunch of books for the grandkids and her book, The Diddakoi was one of them. Nothing too substantial but enough.

Also brought them Tolkien's Farmer Giles of Ham, Mistress Masham's Repose and The Pushcart War, one of which mom is already reading to them. Nancy looks for books in the thrift shops and is always sending books or giving them books. Reading has always been a big thing for both of us and we'd like to see the grandkids do more reading especially if it's at the expense of screen time. Most of them get too much of that.

Ordered some stuff for our trip, both for making backpacking meals as well as some stuff for baking bread. Got a car-top carrier and also a new internal frame backpack that I want to try out on the trip. Got that from REI where we get most of our gear, partly because they are so good about taking things back if they don't suit. My old external frame backpack is huge and I'd like to have something a little smaller.

Better be off.
5 months ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Lovely series Janet, well done ;-) I always enjoy sharing your travels, thank you.
Have a nice evening, and hugs from me.
5 months ago.
 Lee & Luv
Lee & Luv club
It looks like winter but it is from August ~ the silence is so impressive...magic!
5 months ago.
cammino club
A beautiful landscape and so inviting for activities! I am sure you had a lot of fun there!
5 months ago.
trester88 club
Wieder eine schöne und interessante Serie, Janet! Ich beneide dich um deine Erlebnisse während deiner Reisen.
5 months ago.
Ecobird club
A really lovely series of images and great notes Janet. I love these panos - they give a wider feel to the images and work so well. A must see on full screen. As always your presentation is a joy Janet.
5 months ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
What a wonderful place this looks and I love your red bike!!!! I can understand feeling a strong energy in some places, especially somewhere like that. It must have been wonderful.

As for those stones - I'm so pleased that you've got some really good results. My son came up on Sunday and he brought his drone with him!!!! I've always wanted one, and it was fantastic seeing what it does. He's going to bring it up again, and if the weather is lovely, he'll take me out to the beach and we can try it out!!! I can hardly wait. Now all I have to do is to save up and get one for myself!!!
5 months ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club

5 months ago.
 Richard Nuttall
Richard Nuttall club
Love it and its even better with the insets!!!-Thanks for the visit Janet an keep them coming , beautiful work as always
5 months ago.
 Nora Caracci
Nora Caracci club
superb series of very beautiful landscapes !!!
5 months ago.
 Rod Burkey
Rod Burkey club
Fabulous image of a place I'd love to visit.
5 months ago.

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