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Nanaimo Harbor Stroll (+12 insets!)

Nanaimo Harbor Stroll (+12 insets!)
(+12 insets!) (view large to see the cool views of this pano!) (Please scroll down to "Black Frank" and Today's Pictures" for information about the insets)

I'm finally ready to continue with my trip reports from our 5-week adventure up to Vancouver Island and back! Again, I'd like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all of you, for your visits, favorites, comments, and support. There really is nothing that feels so good as being part of a community like the one here on ipernity. You are my internet family and I love you all! *BIG HUGS*

A Short Stay in the Nanaimo "Hub" of our Vancouver Island Trip
Our campground at "Living Forest RV Park" was located just a few minute's drive from the lovely and popular oceanside town of Nanaimo, centrally located between the north and south of Vancouver Island. Unfortunately, we weren't able to book a 5-day stay there and with just three days, our visit would have only one full, "relaxed" day.

The day we arrive at a campsite is usually eaten up, unless it only takes a very short time and we are able to get situated quickly without stress. Setting up the RV, winding down from the drive, getting meals together, figuring out the lay of the land and getting comfortable with the new "digs" really sucks up the hours and before we realize it, the whole day is gone! That's how we figured out that staying for five days at each location is a minimum for a satisfying visit.

We came to realize that even five days isn't enough. When you take away the first and last days, three days are left and though that is sometimes long enough to exhaust the local sights, it doesn't leave enough time to truly kick back and relax. We need more time to allow ourselves the freedom to do things like wander around a town or natural area just looking for artistic photography—not travel highlights—or sit and read a book, play a video game, take a nap, or do nothing at all. With "just enough time," we were constantly reminded that we need to use our time wisely and make sure not to miss an important local sight. This was maddening to both of us. Steve wanted to just chill out but he couldn't. I wanted to creep around with my macro lens but I couldn't. Not without feeling terribly guilty that we should be making the most of the short time we had available to us. Knowing that we may never visit this area again was not something either of us took lightly. This caused considerable stress and unhappiness and changed the whole way we'll be traveling in the future. Our next trip will be open-ended with long stays at each place. We may not see as many places but each destination will be wonderful and satisfying!

Happily it didn't take very long to get to our campsite from Malahat. We were able to get ourselves set up and relaxed enough that we decided to drive into town and take a walk along its lovely harbor, taking in the sights along the way. The cloud-filled but comfortable day was perfect and we were delighted by the incredible views as we walked along. A popular paved path stretched from their harbor, along the shore to the heart of the town and we enjoyed the views and the salty breeze that accented our stroll.

Black Frank, Admiral of the Fleet
At one point along our walk, I noticed a very festive-looking sculpture of what looked to be a very happy pirate, titled "Admiral of the Fleet." I took pictures of the plaque along with the beautifully detailed bronze sculpture and looked forward to learning more about this "Black Frank" pirate person once I got home.

When I processed the pictures for our Nanaimo stroll, I arrived at the pirate pictures and eagerly dove into the internet to learn more. What I discovered warmed my heart, brought a tear to my eye, and made me wish dearly that I could have met the man so affectionately known as "Black Frank."

You'll see several insets for Frank Ney—two of his memorial sculpture and one of the plaques. The plaques had the following text on them:

(This placard was small and set at the foot of the sculpture)
Dedicated by the citizens of Nanaimo in memory of Frank James Ney (1918 - 1992)
Affectionately known as "Black Frank"
"8 Bells and All is Well in Davey Jone's Locker"

(This plaque was larger and set off to the side; you'll see this one as an inset)
Admiral of the Fleet (Frank Ney - May 12, 1918 - November 24, 1992)
In 1967, Black Frank" helped launch the now famous Loyal Nanaimo Bath Tub Race. The colorful pirate costume was worn to promote Nanaimo as the Sunporch of Canada, Jewel of the West, and Bathtub Capital of the World!

A Lifetime of Service
Mayor of Nanaimo 1967-1984 and 1986-1990
Member of Legislative Assembly 1969-1972
"Freeman of the City of Nanaimo"
B.C.'s Tourism Ambassador
Honorary Chief First Nations of Nanaimo Killer Whale Q'Un Lhanumutsun
Active Member of many organizations
Notary Public and President of Nanaimo Realty

I was able to locate videos of Frank Ney, as "Black Frank", which show what an incredibly silly and fun-loving character he was. It is obvious why he was so beloved by his city. You will laugh when you see him being a pirate and paddling one of his bathtub boats! What a loon!

And in regards to being the "Bathtub Capital of the World" and home of the Loyal Nanaimo Bathtub Race, here's a video which celebrates the 25th anniversary of their races . Interestingly, they allow the bathtubs to be set inside another boat so they are less tippy and able to gain more speed.

Today's Pictures
My main picture today is a panorama of the harbor and view towards the main part of town. There are lots of insets too, including those of "Black Frank". You'll see the harbor, panoramas of our walk along the water, tagged geese, a lovely wood rose I couldn’t resist taking a picture of, and an image of a seagull who sadly has a starfish stuck in in its mouth. We really hoped that it would be able to prize the starfish out of its beak before it starved, the poor thing.

Pam, I remember thinking about you as we walked along and we were sure that you would have really enjoyed this pretty stroll. Everyone that we passed by was happy too—it was a wonderful place to be and obviously very popular for folks who work and live in the area. I've always wished we could be next to a path like this for bike riding but the closest one is about 15 minute's drive away. Since that means loading up the bikes in the truck we don't go often, though the Bear Creek Greenway ride is incredible. It takes us about 17.5 miles from Central Point on a picturesque trip down to the town of Ashland where we always stop at our favorite coffee shop and also grab a bite to eat at one of the many wonderful restaurants there. Another 17.5 beautiful miles back to our truck to complete a most satisfying bike ride. What fun! Paved pathways are a natural favorite for us! Hope all is well with you my dear! *BIG HUGS*

Explored on 1/16/20; highest placement #8.

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29 comments - The latest ones
 Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda club
Somptueuses et fabuleuses,tous les adjectifs de beauté lui sont appropriés.
2 years ago.
 Peter Castell
Peter Castell club
A wonderful panorama Janet, a lot of people appear to like messing about on the water
2 years ago.
 Dominique 60
Dominique 60 club
avec des notes magiques , comme d' habitude !!
2 years ago.
 Jenny McIntyre
Jenny McIntyre club
Oh what fabulous photos, Janet. I just loved the video of Black Frank - what a colourful character and mad as a box of frogs!!. The statue is superb, and in wonderful detail of his outfit. I can understand your frustration of only having 3 days at any site, I found that out when I went camping over Scotland many moons ago. We found that it took so much out of the day to set up the tent, then a lot of the day to take it all down again and drive to the next campground, with only one day in the middle. So we ensured that we spent at least two days or three if there were lots of places to see and explore, apart from the day to put up and the day to take down. I think you found a beautiful place here and it would be well worth another visit!!!
2 years ago.
Janet Brien club
has replied to Jenny McIntyre club
ROFLMAO Jenny..."Mad as a box of frogs"... LOLOLOL, I howled out loud when I read that and now I can't wait to tell Steve and I'll do my best to find a situation where I can use your marvelous term! :D :D BWAH HAHHAHHAH!! You've made *ME* mad as a box of frogs!! :D
2 years ago.
Jenny McIntyre club
has replied to Janet Brien club
I'm so pleased that you like that saying - it's quite common here - I'd love to know the origin of the saying - Google here I come!!!! LOL
2 years ago.
Ecobird club
A fabulous series of images Janet. What a beautiful location. I love the PiP of the statue in particular and the video of Black Frank was hilarious. What a character.
2 years ago.
 José Manuel Polo
José Manuel Polo club
Una maravilla documental del puerto y aquello que lo identifica.
2 years ago.
 William Sutherland
William Sutherland club
Outstanding series!

Admired in:
2 years ago.
uwschu club
Wieder eine grandiose Geschichte und Aufnahmen dazu, Die Zeit ist meist zu knapp, aber ich glaube, ihr habt sie sehr gut genutzt
2 years ago.
 John Cass
John Cass club
Wonderful set of images, I love the PiP of the Gull.
2 years ago.
Kawasirius club
Une belle série pour nous donner envie de découvrir Vancouver ! Formidable paysage !
Je vous souhaite une bonne journée, Janet !
2 years ago.
 Ulrich John
Ulrich John club
A beautiful panorama, Janet ! Good Morning !
2 years ago.
 Pam J
Pam J club



2 years ago.
 Jaap van 't Veen
Jaap van 't Veen club
Beautiful harbour panorama; stunning series again Janet.
2 years ago.
 Steve Paxton
Steve Paxton club
The way a photo of this should be big and full of detail.
2 years ago.
 Dean Morley (mostly off)
Dean Morley (mostly… club
Beautiful photos, Janet, and I particularly like the main panoramic image. :-)
2 years ago.
Ruesterstaude club
Wieder eine tolle Serie mit so ausführlicher Beschreibung! Dein Einsatz imponiert mir Janet!
2 years ago.
cammino club
So many fine images. I especially like the picture of the seagull, which has a starfish in its beak and has trouble devouring it!
2 years ago.
 Boarischa Krautmo
Boarischa Krautmo club
beautiful series. I like particularly PiP #2 and 3.
2 years ago.
 Citoyen du Monde
Citoyen du Monde
magnifiques texte et photo !
2 years ago.
HFF Janet. No matter how long it takes me to visit you...you can really continue without a flaw :)) Love your photography and your insets are out of this world my dear pod sister. Love!!Hugs!! good vibes!!
2 years ago.
╰☆☆June☆☆╮ club
Good work.
◦•●◉✿ Have a great weekend✿◉●•◦
2 years ago.
 Ern Jacoby
Ern Jacoby club
I appreciate your pana work and the story behind ...
2 years ago.
Esther club
Great photo of Black Frank. And the seagull with the starfish is amazing. Do they eat them? I just looked it up. They do and there is a video of it at www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QpfKqd7oTY.
2 years ago.
 Trudy Tuinstra
Trudy Tuinstra club
what a beautiful and interesting report
2 years ago.
 * ઇઉ *
* ઇઉ * club
Another wonderful documentary, Janet!
The bathtub races are really a funny thing. :))
2 years ago.
 Nicole Merdrignac
Nicole Merdrignac club
Superbe photo avec notes. Nicole.
2 years ago.
tiabunna club
Sorry, Janet, I'm all over the place at present and totally missed this set of images until now. Great panorama images of the harbour and I really enjoyed the image of "Black Frank" and the story behind it.
2 years ago.

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