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  • Wash Day

    We popped out to the shops yesterday and when we got back we found the fairies had been in the garden and done some washing :-)) Please view large, on black.

  • Asian Ladybug

    Coccinelle asiatique

  • Aquilegia Seed Head

    Taken in my garden. Texture added in post processing.

  • Yellow-headed Blackbird

    I've decided to take break from photos of Big Bend National Park and post some of birds and flowers near home and of a recent trip. This is a Yellow-headed Blackbird, a regular visitor at our feeders and a bully that will drive away all the other birds a…
    By RHH

  • Hommage au soleil couchant

    Polyommatus icarus ♂ ---------------------------------------- ------------- Ipernity Frontpage & What's Hot from 26/05/2020 (at least 50 stars, and +)

  • Sound of thunder

    Gelukkig bleef het bij een paar dikke druppels.maar ik het meer angst voor Bliksem maar het dreef uit elkaar

  • Ocotillo

    I called this plant a cactus in one of my last posts. It is not a true cactus but a spiny shrub that looks like it is dead for most of the year but produces tiny leaves and flowers in the spring. Its stems, too, seen up close, are partly green. Also kn…
    By RHH

  • Ocotillo Grove

    As I've noted, we spent the second full day of our time in Big Bend National Park driving down the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive, stopping to hike and take photos along the way. This was our destination that day. We were near the Rio Grande, at a spot along…
    By RHH

  • Mule Ears

    One of our last stops on the second day of our stay in Big Bend was at Mule Ears Overlook. We had our evening meal there before going on to our campsite. We had talked about hiking to the formation known as Mule Ears but were too tired and so just took…
    By RHH

  • Le château de Trécesson/ Bretagne


    Oeillet de Califnornie

  • Bon Mardi.

    Le secret du bonheur c’est l’alignement entre ce que vous pensez, ce que vous dites et ce que vous faites Gandhi .

  • Burro Mesa Hike

    These are a few more photos from our Burro Mesa hike, this from the trail, an dry wash, which we followed to the Burro Mesa pour-off, a water-worn channel down the side of the mesa.
    By RHH

  • California Quail

    These quail come looking for birdseed under the bird feeders we have up and occasionally come up on the porch looking for seed. This male was on the porch on a snowy day and seemed more interested in keeping warm than in feeding. It's obvious, too, from…
    By RHH

  • Pic du Midi, soulagement des chevaux aprés la promenade .

  • Bradford Pear Blossoms – Greenbelt, Maryland


  • Fleur de Digitale

    Après investigation, sortie pour cette petite abeille (Megachile rotundata)

  • the outsider

    Black Headed Gulls @ Thornton Reservoir, Leics Painterly. From the album 'Around The Sun' - R.E.M. - "The Outsiders" Listen :- ♫ R.E.M.- The Outsiders ♬

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