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Updated on: September 15, 2021.

World Photography Day - August 19, album created on August 20, 2021

All the photos I wanted to add to the club group - only one got to be added, but the group here is a kind of story of my day and my relationship to photography. ======================= So I’ve tried to not look at everyone else’s photos before taking and choosing my photo for the day, but I couldn’t help but notice (while doing my administrative chores) that there is a wonderful range of types of photos. And now I’m tasked with choosing which type to share as a representation of my day. I thou…

the chameleon - US Bancorp building, album created on January 29, 2021

Portland, Oregon. The building some call 'big pink' - but I find that unimaginative since while it is often pink looking, it changes with the weather. dark gray, blue, shiny silver pink, and more. And so our household came up with the name 'the chameleon'. We love this building. Hope you enjoy finding it in my photos.

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My personal cheat sheet for using ipernity - 8 months ago

1. HAVE FUN! 2. ADDING IMAGES TO COMMENTS: -- Image has to be up on ipernity (though it can be private). -- On image page, go to Actions/Share (HTML code) [find the Actions link on the bar to the right of the image]. -- Choose size of photo you want to embed in the comment. -- THEN, copy "Insert the photo" code HTML (bottom box). -- Place this code into the comment field. Note: You can preview your comment to make sure the image shows up correctly and is the size you want. All comm…

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Daniela club
Bonjour, Amie ! Je vois que tu es connectée, sans doute du fait du décalage horaire... Paix sur toi et sur le monde.
3 days ago.
Daniela club
Pour toi, Fille de pluie :

Joie pour ta visite ! Tellement contente que tu puisses voir mes jolis oiseaux du monde entier. Paix du soir sur le monde...
7 weeks ago. Edited 13 days ago.
Doerthe club
I received a message from you in my email with the notice I was accepted, but have not found a way to upload my photo of today in this group.
8 weeks ago.
 Mickey fez
Mickey fez club
Thanks for your kind words ut was a woderful day
3 months ago.
Annemarie club
Thanks for your so kind comment.

All the best
7 months ago.

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