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Updated on: June 19, 2019.

2016-Israel, album created on May 17, 2019

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2018-Ethiopia, album created on November 11, 2018

This album is dedicated to traveling to Ethiopia in October 2018 with a group of friends. From Addis Ababa to Mekele, we flew by plane, and then moved on jeeps, on camels and on foot through the Danakil Depression with the Dallol and Erta Ale volcanoes. Then moving by minibus we visited the National Park of the Simien Mountains, and also Lalibela - the cradle of Ethiopian Christianity, and Gondar - an ancient capital of Ethiopia.

2018-WhiteSea, album created on September  5, 2018

By plane to St. Petersburg, then by car to Rabocheostrovsk and by ferry to Solovetsky, a day on the islands, and back in the same way in just 86 hours at all for round trip.

Venezuela, Upstream along the River of Carrao

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Que la santé et la joie de vivre, vous accompagnent, tout au long de l'année nouvelle.
Que la Santé et la joie de vivre , vous accompagnent, tout au long de l'année
5 months ago.
Alexander Prolygin
Alexander Prolygin
Большое спасибо, Philippe. Я всегда с удовольствием рассказываю о том, как прекрасна наша маленькая планета. И надеюсь, что самое интересное путешествие у меня еще впереди.
Merci beaucoup, Philippe. Je parle toujours avec plaisir de la beauté de notre petite planète. Et j'espère que le voyage le plus intéressant que j'ai encore à venir.
Thank you very much, Philippe. I always gladly talk about how beautiful our little planet is. And I hope that the most interesting journey I have yet to come.
11 months ago.
Alexander Prolygin
Alexander Prolygin
Thank You very much, Annemarie. And for You also ...
14 months ago.
Happy weekend:)
14 months ago.
Wish you a serene end of 2017, and a healty 2018, full of LoVe!
17 months ago.

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