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Updated on: July 29, 2021.
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Photo updates (revised - July 2021) ... - 2 days ago

And almost exactly "spot - on" for the 134,000-th visit. Total 133,998 at 13:05 on 29th July 2021. [I'm going out for a meeting at 13:15 so will miss the exact time spot] I am still working away with the various backdated images, and I have found some more "missing" images ... so created a few new albums, as well as adding titles, captions and keywords to the actual images. Followed by allocation to albums (including new albums) then unlocking and finally adding to groups. I have "tagged" the albums I am working on with *New*,*updated*,*WiP* and *done* as needed, these will stay for a week or three, depending on the status. For my ease of access, I sometimes add the albums I am currently working with into my favourites, so the contents of the "favourite" banner on my album home page may get changed. I still have several hundred images to process, and a further backlog of images to upload ... Please stay safe and healthy - keep indoors or follow social distancing rules if you must make an essential trip outside. Wash hands or sanitise them frequently. Cover face - Wear a mask over your nose and mouth when required, please, for not only your own protection but also for others. Make Space ; Stay at least the minimum distances apart (for me, in the UK that is 2m) Ventilation - make sure there is plenty of fresh air That means there have been an average of 1,000 interactions with my photostream each month, so very many thanks to all the visitors and for all the comments and yellow stars. With all good wishes for the new year and the coming decade. A new project was started during July 2020 - images to follow. Plus another one in December 2020 (which should have been in September, delays were not our fault.) Another new project arrived in February 2021 as an exchange with the previous carriage. The transport moves were significantly delayed by various Covid-19 lockdowns. Some images of, and related to, the winter 2019 / 2020 storm season in the UK are in processing. Currently uploading backdated images for NSR23 , MSR F62 and the MRT "PalVan" - the new project "Corris 17" - as well as various "holiday snaps" and other items of interest, once I have filed them in their albums and added some keywords, they will be unlocked. Apologies, this has been delayed as I have been concentrating on my garden rebuilding project and writing tender documentation. In early September 2020, I re-established access to - and started downloading - several hundred images from 2005 to 2010, almost all of them are related to trips for Esperanto events with my (late) father. I thought I had lost these images forever. Most have now been uploaded here.

  • Bereaved - In memorium

    - June 20, 2021
    Two years ago, in the early hours of 7th January 2019, my father died. RIP. It would have been his 102nd birthday on 23rd March 2021 (1919 to 2019) ... Father's Day in the UK on 20th June 2021. ~~~~ this links to an image in my photos entitled "CAS - esperantist" (which was in the Ipernity Frontpage and What's Hot group on 3rd March 2019)

  • IMA : Newsflash - 2020 - 09 - 25

    - September 25, 2020
    Please read ... [EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity, 1) In technical and economic terms, we have achieved a lot since we have managed ipernity ourselves. Now is the time to make this great progress public in order to attract new club members because the stock of registered accounts is exhausted: {image} [a] Non-renewal of 2-year subscriptions which ipernity S.A. had offered as a special offer in 2016. [b] Compensation by a return offe…

*new* rkp - Rickerby Park, Carlisle, album created on June 23, 2021

This park in Carlisle was opened in 1922, as part of the memorial to the fallen in WW1. There is a cenotaph and other memorials to both WW1 and WW2, as well as other conflicts.

*NEW* css - Clouds, Sunrises & Sunsets, album created on June 15, 2021

Clouds in the day time, or illuminated at sunrise and sunset can be spectacular sights. A collection of some clouds in all their glory, some are also in the album "Great British Weather" [gbw]. Good sequence of 14 images from 25th May 2020, taken from my garden.

solar eclipse [June 2021], album created on June 10, 2021

This annular eclipse was only visible as the partial version in the UK - maximum extent was expected to be 30% at 11:14, first contact was 1008 and last contact was 12:30 [BST].,_2021 These images are from a location at approximately 55 degrees North. Unfortunately, there was a good deal of cloud cover, allowing only a few glimpses, some of which I managed to capture over a six or seven minute interval during the 15 minutes or so that the clouds wer…

cvd - Covid-19 Pandemic *WiP UPDATED*, album created on April 14, 2020

Images related to the Covid-19 pandemic [most recent data - for early to mid July - have been added to the end, currently on page 18] ... some are factual / deadly serious and others are intended as humorous takes on certain aspects - usually as a reminder of the rules. Lockdown in the UK was from 23rd March 2020 to a gradual release from restrictions beginning in June 2020. After the University students went back in September / early October the UK experienced a "second wave" and by 15th Octobe…

*NEW* css - Clouds, Sunrises & Sunsets, album created on June 15, 2021

Clouds in the day time, or illuminated at sunrise and sunset can be spectacular sights. A collection of some clouds in all their glory, some are also in the album "Great British Weather" [gbw]. Good sequence of 14 images from 25th May 2020, taken from my garden.

*WiP* IoM - Visits to the Isle of Man [Ellan Vannin], album created on December 19, 2020

Trips to the Isle of Man, and general places of interest. Plus the transport systems, especially the various railways. Certain visits - with extensive images - may get peeled off into their own album For clarity, the codes for the main visits are "IoM[1]" which was in early September 2017 and "IoM[2]" also took place in early September 2018.

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StoneRoad2013 club
Currently, I am dealing with a mixed selection of freshly and previously uploaded images.
The *new* *updated* *WiP* and *revising" markers show most of the albums receiving attention (some of which may "rest" in the Favourite Albums during this period, for my ease of access). Overall, this process will take some time ...
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StoneRoad2013 club
A little hiccough on Ipernity between 14th and 18th May 2021.
All successfully resolved by our internal IT and Quellcode [external consultants].
No data was lost.
2 months ago. Edited 2 months ago.
StoneRoad2013 club
Wonderful News ... !!!

Uploader successfully restored on 12th January 2021.
My own test was at 14:05 (approx) GMT

e2a - although I have loads to upload, I will be adding only a few images at a time.
6 months ago. Edited 5 months ago.
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Best wishes for the New Year - May 2021 be Happy, Healthy and Prosperous for everyone.
Also, In remembrance of absent family & friends.
6 months ago. Edited 6 months ago.
StoneRoad2013 club
Thank you, June
& Season's Greetings to you & yours ...
7 months ago.

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