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Updated on: August 31, 2018.

Flowers, album created on May 24, 2013

Some of nature's jewels.

Snow/Neige, album created on January 24, 2014

Snow is one of nature's most remarkable phenomena. It is the perfect offspring of the lasting marriage between water and cold. A freshly fallen blanket of pure white snow brings a sense of joy, peace, and wonder to all who appreciate nature's boundless beauty. Following one of the great 19th century blizzards, "The Farmer's Cabinet" wrote in 1829, "It is cheering to see the towering bank in a sunny morning, gemmed like the crown of a monarch, with jewels that receive their splendor from the sun’…

Sunrise/Sunset Photos, album created on August 29, 2013

Nature's often brilliant lighting displays starring the rising and setting sun and an occasional "guest appearance" by fog.

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America's Descent into Darkness - 23 months ago

I typically refrain from writing political commentary here. But these are no ordinary times, at least in the United States. The January 29, 2017 edition of The Washington Post reported : Sharef once worked for a U.S. government subcontractor in post-invasion Iraq as a translator and a program manager. He got his visas, after two years of vetting, through a special U.S. resettlement program for Iraqi employees of the American government. Working for Americans was filled with perils, he…

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Que la santé et la joie de vivre, vous accompagnent, tout au long de l'année nouvelle.
Que la Santé et la joie de vivre , vous accompagnent, tout au long de l'année
3 weeks ago.
12 months ago.
bonjour don, et bonne année 2018 :)
12 months ago.
@ngélique ♥
@ngélique ♥
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12 months ago.
Nora Caracci VERY BUSY
Nora Caracci VERY BU…
merry Christmas and happy new yaer, Don !

Apparizione a Feglino
12 months ago.

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