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Night moves, album created on October 26, 2017

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Ritorno a Tellaro, album created on August 14, 2017

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People, album created on December 18, 2016

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Tornano tutti gli amici miei .... - 3 months ago

"Tornano tutti gli amici miei, noi non ci siamo lasciati mai, e sono qui dentro di me, tornano tutti gli amici miei." Mi è venuta in mente questa canzone di Roberto Vecchioni, al punto di canticchiarla tra me e me, per sottolineare la mia felicità nel rivedere non solo la mia vecchia gallery su Panoramio , ma anche, e soprattutto, i commenti alle foto. Andiamo con ordine: il merito è del mio caro amico Franco Benf che mi ha fornito il link per poter rivedere tutto questo. Il prog…

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Sorry, dear Christine, I don't know the French language in order to answer to You in a suitable way !
I am not an "artist" but a simple man who observes reality with his camera.
However, I am very grateful for your words and ...... a little embarrassed, too !
3 weeks ago.
Mes amitiés Fabio...............;tu es mon artiste préféré*
4 weeks ago.
Querida Amiga Begoña ................
3 months ago.
Grazie per le tue parole!!
3 months ago.
Querida Begoña, I am happily surprised to find your dear wishes, infact I know that you don't attend IP as previously and you prefer Flickr.
Thank you, thank you so much !!!!!!
Friendly greetings
P.S. Very important !!!!!!
As you surely noted, I am "desaparesido" in Flickr ..... the motive is that my PC is broken, so I am using a old one, that doesn't permit me to use Flickr in a quick way.
I promise that, when my PC will be repaired, I will return there and the first thing to do will be to visit your photostrram and comment your new images .....
Realmente echo de menos compartir !!
3 months ago.