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2018, album created on February 11, 2018

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Peru and Brazil 2016, album created on September 18, 2016

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Trans Himalaya, album created on June 11, 2011

Of nature and man in the remote high trans-Himalaya regions of Ladakh and Spiti, far north India. All is built of rock or stone, and upon rock and stone, in this harsh high altitude landscape.

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Karp Panta Malik Raoulda Claudine Gaulier-Denis Wolfgang ©UdoSm Marie-claire Gallet Petar Bojić Roger (Grisly) Berny Bernard Walbyx Sylvain Wiart homaris ROL/Photo Aschi "Freestone" Puchinpappy Xata, stargazing... Pierre Gabriella Siglinde Jaap van 't Veen J. Gafarot Ronaldo Vieira de Carvalho Narvik 08 goandgo Thérèse Steve Paxton Chriss tiabunna Puzzler4879

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I remember finding the Caspian and Aral Seas in an atlas at home when about 12 yo. I looked them up in the encyclopedia and wondered if they were what were thought to be here in Australia by the early British explorers. I was saddened a bit in the 80s when I saw photos and reports about the Caspian drying and shrinking. Didn't consider it again until your post of it a few weeks ago. It was good to read it has recovered since the 80s.
4 weeks ago.
Incroyables tous les pays du monde que je vois dans ta galerie ! Salut à toi, voyageuse du monde de ma part, simple randonneuse de son coin de montagne .
6 weeks ago.
Malik Raoulda
Malik Raoulda
Merci beaucoup Diana pour votre aimable visite.
Bonne et heureuse semaine
7 weeks ago.
Happy Valentine's Day, dear Diana!
Love and big hugs;)
6 months ago. Edited 6 months ago.

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