Diana Australis' photos

Gros Bisous de Pérou/ A big kiss from Peru

Llama at 4000 meters in the Andes.....looking pretty for the camera.....

Early morning

Allée des Baobabs. Morondava. Madagascar

Who, me?

Ring tailed lemur in the wild. Madagascar. Very laid back. I am away for a while from tomorrow but will try to keep up with you all! Off to Brazil and Peru

Chameleon on my finger

I found him crossing the road and picked him up to take him to a safe spot. Madagascar


Brown lemur drinking water from a jungle snail shell. In the wild...Kirindy, Madagascar.


Madagascar, rural.

Do not disturb

Sunbathing lemur. In the wild in Madagascar.

At the market

Chicken vendor and her children, local market. Madagascar. She asked me to take her picture....a very serious occasion!

A tale of tails

Ring tailed lemurs in the wild. Madagascar. They were jumping around our feet!
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