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    At Marree Caravan Park. In outback Australia....near Lake Eyre This is in the centre of the desert where there has been no rain for 3 years. Lake Eyre is a gigantic, flat salt lake. Once every 40 or so years, enough rain falls in far north Australia and…

  • HFF...Lasseter’s Cave

    Australia. This is about 1000 kilometres from anywhere in Central Australia. The Great Central Road is an unsealed (red dirt) Australian outback highway that runs 1,126 km (700 mi) from Laverton, Western Australia to Yulara, Northern Territory (near Ulur…

  • Iran

    Shi’a pilgrims in Iran on the road walking to Karbala in Iraq to the Imam Husayn Shrine. Some walk hundreds of kilometres on this pilgrimage., to one of the holiest of places for Shi’a Muslims.

  • A walk near the shore

    Near Mallacoota on the east coast of Victoria, Australia. The spindly trees are quite bent and wind blasted

  • HFF

    From Gwalia, an abandoned gold mining town in the very remote outback Goldfields region of Western Australia Wishing you all a fab Friday, and a happy weekend full of photos and happy times

  • Central Australia

    Travelling along the remote Birdsville track near the border of South Australia and Queensland. Despite what the landscape appears like, there are giant working cattle stations..up to a couple of million acres along here... If there is any rain it can be…

  • Central Australia waterhole or billabong

    Muloorina cattle station. It is hundreds of kilometres from a town. There has been no rain for 3 years. This waterhole is the only water for a vast distance, surrounded by red, dry, dusty desert and salt lakes. It is harsh and unforgiving territory. It is…

  • HFF

    Monkey on fence, Rewalsar holy lake. North India. Have a wonderful weekend...stay cool, those of you up in the Northern Hemisphere......

  • Young men in Chamba

    Chamba is an ancient Hindu kingdom in far North West Himachal Pradesh, India. It is remote, and very interesting. The narrow cobbled streets are lined with these ancient walls...as behind these young men. You can see the actual skeletons and architecture…

  • Esfahan


  • HFF ...Toliara, Madagascar

    The beach at Toliara, South West Madagascar. It is a village, a road, a toilet, a fishing place. People are desperately poor and unemployment is the norm. Madagascar is almost the poorest country in the world according to UN statistics. It has been riddl…

  • Nomadic sheepherder, Iran

    Northern Iranian Azerbaijan. In a remote area on a dirt track where we were seeking some pre- Hittite monoliths. This woman asked us 3 into her tent for tea. She would not allow the two men to photograph her, only me.

  • HFF with a message

    HFF. A pillar supporting a fence in Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal, India. Have a fabulous weekend, watch out for crocodiles, and thanks for your visits! Best wishes for the week ahead! THANKS FOR THE HILARIOUS COMMENTS!

  • Bazaar

    A sumptuous dried fruit and nut stall on Qazvin bazaar in northern Iran

  • Fresh Milk Supply Concern

    Kolkata...or Calcutta. I love this city. I have been here three times. It is warm, seething, welcoming, and cheerfully anarchic. I love wandering the streets...it has such a rich history, and Bengalis are fabulous. Always ready to chat, help, advise.. It…

  • HFF

    Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, India. I have been to Rishikesh twice, and crossed this quite often. The most dangerous things are the pesky monkeys HFF to all, and a fabulous weekend! xoxox Thanks for visiting....

  • Rio Preguiças

    Lençois National Park, Maranhāo. North West Brasil. A remote area of Brasil which sees almost zero tourists. The Park is a vast area of sand dunes, despite being in the tropics. We had been hiking up the dunes before taking a small boat on the river.

  • Awaiting restoration? HFF

    From Andamooka.... a remote opal mining town in outback South Australia. In the central desert. Happy Friday and a fantastic weekend to you all. Visits and comments are really appreciated... thank you! ❤️ Fence in background!

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