Diana Australis' photos

Study in blue

Dom Bosco Sanctuary, Brasilia. Several thousand Murano glass tiles.

Still life

Arequipa. Peru

Macaw at sunset

Pantanal. Brasil. In the wild.

On the street

Olinda. Pernambuco. Brasil. This is a 500 year old UNESCO heritage city, populated by large numbers of artists

Chestnut eared Aracari

Pterglossus castonatis. A type of toucan. Pantanal. Brazil. In the wild....not very often seen.

Bitter souvenir

Ruined 16C church at Alcantara, North East Brazil, with its pelourinho....the whipping post where black slaves were chained and beaten.

The street

Olinda. Pernambuco. North East Brazil


Spinning alpaca wool, Peru. The baby was very engrossed with sticky chocolate.
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