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  • Onwards.....

    Carnavon Jetty. Western Australia.

  • Light and glass

    Shiraz, Iran

  • Brazil...Pantanal roadside

    A caiman, wild, in the Pantanal in Brazil. This was the dry season when the waterholes were almost empty...there were caimans all along the roadsides. The whole area is a giant flooded wetland for some months of the year, and impassable at those times.

  • Blue

    Esfahan. Iran

  • End of the day

    Trincomalee beach, Sri Lanka

  • Where strong winds blow

    Tierra del Fuego. Argentina

  • Cashew fruit

    Brazil. The cashew nut is in the toxic pod at the base of the fruit. The fruit is delicious, and cashew juice very popular in Brazil. The nuts need careful processing to remove the toxic outer shell before consuming.

  • Transpantaneira Highway. Dry season

    The Pantanal, Matto Grosso. Brazil. This area is the largest wetland in the world, under water for at least 6 months of the year. It is a haven of wildlife and native vegetation.

  • Skylight

    Yazd. Iran

  • Beauty of the blues


  • Kurdish smugglers...Iran/Iraq border (PiP)

    On the Iran/Iraq border in Iranian Kurdistan. At 3500 meters altitude in Zagros Mountains. Smugglers move in a steady stream, climbing huge mountains, with 40 kilo weights of flat screen TVs and electronics, from Iraq to Iran, where there are very high d…

  • Takht-e-Soleymān

    An ancient Zoroastrian sanctuary city ruin in northwestern Iran in West Azerbaijan province highlands. Designated a UNESCO world heritage site in 2004. In and around this site has been constantly settled for 10,000 years, and sanctuary site, constructed i…

  • Wild Pantanal

    Rufous tailed tanager. Pantanal. Brazil.

  • The old bicycle shop

    Old Bazaar, Yazd, Iran

  • Autumn in Iran

    Zagros Mountains

  • Shushtar UNESCO site, Iran

    3000 year old water wheels which have irrigated the desert, ground wheat, crushed olives and provided domestic water to the town. The water comes in underground in created qanats (canals) from the distant mountains.

  • Iran/Iraq border

    Iranian Kurdistan, looking over into Iraq

  • Stellers sea eagle

    Zhupanova River, Kamchatka. Russian Far East

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