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Brown winged kingfisher in the wild

Sundarbans biosphere. West Bengal, India. With this rare little fellow I would like to wish all my friends a merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2015.

The tea maker....(no editing)

Or chai wallah. Kolkata...and he still uses small disposable clay cups. The tea was wonderful! He sits here all day from early morning til late evening! The clay cups, single use, have been used in India for hundreds of years. They are hygienic, degrade to mere soil, and provide jobs to manufacture. Many other places in India now use plastic or waxed paper...which is an environmental night mare.

Sparrow at the flower market, Kolkata

On the banks of the Hooghly near the Howrah bridge, thousands of tonnes of fresh flowers are sold every day. Many are threaded into garlands, like these and sold in metres. It is a scene of dazzling and vibrant colour

Christmas cracker

Callistemon in my garden. Tomorrow I leave for India for 5 weeks. I will keep in touch as I can.

Mine the only foot prints

Going and returning. Dampier Peninsula. Far north-west Australia


The Street

San Francisco


Curious wild Arctic Fox...no crop

Chewing my trousers as I sit on the beach on Medney Island in the Russian Aleutians. The island is uninhabited and the foxes have no fear. This puppy chewed my wellingtons, then my trousers, and my sleeve before a sudden noise caused him to run away. It was an unforgettable feeling to have this close contact with a wild animal.


Kamchatka morning with sea eagle

Kamchatka, Russian Far East

The Womens Building

San Francisco. Mission. A refuge, education centre, empowerment place for all women, with a broad multicultural approach.
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