Diana Australis' photos

Diana River, West Bengal. India

Place for bathing, laundry, washing cycles.....people here do not have laundries or bathrooms. These little boys had been swimming while washing the bike.

Proboscis monkey and his cucumber

The males of the species have permanently prominent erect penises...even when swinging through the prickly jungle! (Ouch!) In a wild environment in Borneo, where they come in from the jungle daily to be fed. This is because their habitat for foraging is depleted by palm oil plantations. They are my favourite monkeys, these gentle giants with their comical faces!


Traditional yak hair hat. Arunachal Pradesh. Eastern Hill States of India near Chinese border.

Red hot chili peppers

At the market. Sarawak.

Food security

Semenggoh, Sarawak. Rehabilitated orang utan drops by for breakfast. Making sure to clutch tightly to her coconut and bananas.

Wall and roof

Temple. Kuching. Sarawak. Borneo

Lost in time and space....

National Potrait Gallery, Canberra.

Sun bear ( no crop)

A rescue bear in a jungle rehabilitation centre in Sabah, Malaysia. Many have been held in appalling conditions before being rescued and brought here.
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