Diana Australis' photos

The Bankers

Dublin. Ireland

Giant's Causeway

Northern Ireland.

A last supper

Dublin cafe street art.

The Sweater Shop

Doolin main street. West coast of Ireland

Aran Isles

Local transport.

The road to nowhere

Valentia Island. West of Ireland


Ireland, West Coast.


Amorphophallus titanum

Giant arum. Native of Sumatra. Flowers once in 10 years and smells like carrion. This 2 meter specimen was in the Adelaide Hills botanic Garden, near my home. It had been cultivated for 10 years. This giant flower lasts a mere 48 hours. The carrion smell attracts flies to pollinate the plant. Taken with my phone


Next pint New York....(in faded letters below). Valentia Island. Western Ireland
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