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Fossa...(Cryptoprocta ferox)...in the wild

The apex predator in Madagascar. About the size of a medium dog, with razor sharp claws and teeth. It rapidly climbs trees, and eats lemurs. It takes the place in the food chain of the large cats in Africa, or the dingo in Australia. It is in a species of its own as it is such a unique animal

Jean le Rasta

Morondava. Madagascar


Allée des Baobabs. Madagascar

On pense à Nice

For the victims of the latest brutal slaying of innocents ....poor France

Children, Madagascar

At a local market

Looking at you...

Chameleon. Madagascar

Black and white ruffed lemur

In the wild. Madagascar

Allée des Baobabs

Morondava. Madagascar. These are very, very slow growing trees, so they are very old. Madagascar is ground zero for baobabs, having 6 endemic species.


Atterrisage, Antananarivo.

Landing in Antananarivo. Taken with my phone from the plane today. Madagascar, I have arrived!
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