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Noisette du 11
Noisette du 11
Superbe galerie de photos !
6 weeks ago.
Fine to see you back at IP, Janet !
Good to enjoy your fabulous macros again !
5 months ago.
Rosemary Matthews
Rosemary Matthews
I'm back at least part time. I am posting pictures for my album group on SEASONS and for my album group on the GOSPELS.
Also, I'm participating in the group Learning the Art of Photography. I figured out that Ipernity was probably only notifying me that I was no longer in ONE of their groups which had changed their privacy setting. I'll try to do Flickr also a bit at a time.
10 months ago.
Have a nice weekend...!!!
Una bella rosa de mi jardin
14 months ago.
Best Wishes for a wonderful New Year...

My Friend,
20 months ago.

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