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Updated on: March 25, 2017.

Karolinen- und Schanzenviertel, album created on February 14, 2017

...wo ich aufgewachsen bin. Früher eher öde und grau, heute sehr lebendig, bunt und polyglott. --------------- ...where I grew up. Back then rather drab and grey, today lively, colorful and polyglot. --------------- Wikipedia zum Schanzenviertel Karolinenviertel

On the Road Again, album created on February 13, 2017

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Vertigo, album created on December 10, 2016

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Just renewed my Club-Membership / ... hab grad meine Club-Mitgliedscha… - 2 weeks ago

... just to let you know. It is a matter of trust. I believe in a future for ipernity, at least I have tried to do my best to save the platform. ...wollte ich euch nur wissen lassen. Es ist einfach eine Frage des Vertrauens. Ich glaube an eine Zukunft für Ipernity, zumindest habe ich alles versucht um die Plattform zu retten.

Amrum, album created on May 28, 2014

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UNESCO Weltkulturerbe / World Cultural Heritage: Speicherstadt und Kontorhausvie…, album created on July  5, 2015

Gebaut wurde die Speicherstadt zwischen 1885 und 1927 auf einer Inselgruppe in der Elbe. Sie besteht aus 15 Backsteinbauten in neogotischer Architektur. Die Lagerhäuser und kleinen Nebengebäude sind durch Straßen, Wasserstraßen und Brücken miteinander verbunden. Das benachbarte Kontorhausviertel wurde zwischen 1920 und 1940 erbaut. Berühmt ist das von Fritz Höger errichtete Chilehaus - mit seiner an einen Schiffsbug erinnernden Spitze.

California 1978 - 1992, album created on December 12, 2013

All pictures are negative- or slide-scans of photos taken between 1978 and 1992, don't expect miracles;-)

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M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !! ( Marj ) I LoVe it here !
M♥rJ Photogr♥phy !!…
Latest News: Skype Call with Christophe

William Sutherland
By A William Sutherland

March 27, 2017 - 112 visits

Based on a Skype® call today with Christophe, there is reason for optimism. The Ipernity platform appears to remain viable with the new reality – decline in memberships since January and existing direct expenses, some of which can be reduced resulting in up to 5000 Euros of savings per year. We are awaiting further information.

It is anticipated IMA will receive firm numbers and copies of invoices regarding revenues, expenses and actual membership figures by the end of the week that hopefully confirms site viability.

Other topics such as contractual obligations (negligible aside from Amazon Cloud), network configuration and transfer logistics were also discussed. Also please be sure if IMA takes over the platform, all features including compatibility with mobile apps will remain.

Please know we do not take your donations and the responsibility thrust upon us lightly. If the site is viable with a bright long-term future we will enter into agreement with Ipernity S.A. early next week. If it is not viable or the long-term future remains uncertain, we will end the effort and return the donations. Disappointment alone is better than disappointment and loss of money.

If we enter into agreement to takeover the platform, please know the original 100K Euro revenue-sharing figure based on certain outcomes has been removed. This is a win for everyone here since it will allow this excess revenue to be invested into the site and give IMA flexibility to consider a reduction in membership dues.

Finality is near. A final Skype® call will be held early next week to conclude a deal one way or the other. We ask for a few more days of your patience even though the uncertainty has been very difficult and challenging. Most importantly, thank you for placing your trust in us to do the right thing with your words of encouragement, prayers and contributions.
39 hours ago.
Saving Our Ipernity ...
2 weeks ago.
Danke für deinen Einsats für Ipernity! Viele Grüsse G
5 weeks ago.
Hi ! Thanks for the tip on Photomatix (17 month ago); just saw it - great tool.
Cheers !
5 weeks ago.

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