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Updated on: February 24, 2017.

Flowers ,Trees & Plants, album created on June  4, 2013

136 items in total.

Butterflies and Moths, album created on July  6, 2013

I messed this album up too by accidently deleting. I have lost comments.. I have tried to reload the photos though

Animals, Reptiles & Amphibians !, album created on June  4, 2013

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Ruby Throated Hummingbirds - Squabbling Faeries 15-8-2016

Well the butterflies are absent this year... the heat has been appalling.. but the Hummingbirds have been here since April and 2 pairs have raised at least 2 broods. I have a cloud of at least 12-15 sometimes ! EXPLORED (Video section) ! - See all videos
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IPERNITY Member Association Bylaws now posted... - 3 days ago

Message posted on 20th February by William Sutherland within the Progress of the Project thread within Ipernity Members Association Project group. The message concerns the bylaws for the IMA and reads as follows: The bylaws for IMA were unanimously agreed upon and approved by the founders on February 18, 2017. French, English, and German translations have been added to the IMA website. Considering each version is 5 or more pages, I've submitted hyperlink…

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Pam J
Pam J
So glad it was a good Day Dave !

Good Evening Djamel !
12 hours ago.
Good morning Pam
25 hours ago.
Dave Hilditch
Dave Hilditch
Hi Pam

Many thanks for your birthday greetings. I had a great day with friends and family.

Take care and best wishes

29 hours ago.
Pam J
Pam J
Merci Roland ! Bises !
9 days ago.
Bonne Saint-Valentin ♥♥♥,
Bonne fête à tous les amoureux... du monde....!
10 days ago.

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