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Updated on: August 31, 2018.

Flowers ,Trees & Plants, album created on June  4, 2013

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Butterflies and Moths, album created on July  6, 2013

I messed this album up too by accidently deleting. I have lost comments.. I have tried to reload the photos though

Animals, Reptiles & Amphibians !, album created on June  4, 2013

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Nerys, Celt & Saxon's 'first pond' 6th May 2018

We had rains and the 10 foot deep dry pond I usually mow got a little water in it and the pups and Nerys loved it ! There is an Update on The Tribe of Many Paws HERE - See all videos
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The Tribe of Many Paws ~ Update 8th May 2018 - 5 months ago

I have trying to get around to writing this for over a month ! The puppies grow in size and hyper energy ! They had their last set of injections on the 23rd March and then weighed at 16 weeks Celt ... 24.1lbs and Saxon ... 32.6 lbs Now ... I would guess they are ... Celt 36-38 lbs and Saxon 46-48 lbs !! I will know accurately on the 5th June when they next go to the Vet for neutering and they can be weighed. They are little devils ! They never stop . The…

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Dear Pam

Rabbit has saved his freshest, juiciest, tastiest carrot for you, and is sending it across the sea with love. xxx
14 hours ago.
Misou 49
Misou 49
Bonjour Pam . Heureuse d'apprendre que vous allez mieux . Je vous souhaite de vous remettre totalement le plus vite possible et de vous revoir bientôt parmi nous .
2 days ago.
Peggy C
Peggy C
Just saw this magnificent photo album of love/honor/well-being from one member of our Family to another Member of the Ipernity Family [Pam J]..

Stop by and see the wonders ....
2 days ago. Edited 2 days ago.
Anne Elliott
Anne Elliott
Just dropping in to say Hi, Pam. Thinking of you!
5 days ago.
Courage dans votre persévérance, vous êtes sur la bonne voie Pam.
5 days ago.

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