Approaching Monument Valley - Tribal Park of the Navajo Nation - Along US 163 (210°)

Albuquerque to Phoenix

September 13th to 15th, 1991 ---------------------------------- Until Friday, Sept. 13th I attended the annual ION Convention in Albuqueque, NM, with the closing session around noon. My next meeting was on Monday in Phoenix. Instead of taking the plane and spending a boring weekend in either Phoenix or Albuquerque, I decided to drive with some big detours and discover some territory so far unknown…  (read more)

Approaching Monument Valley - Tribal Park of the N…

14 Sep 1991 7 24 673
♪♫ On the Road Again ♪♫

Valley of the Gods from Moki Dugway (150°)

14 Sep 1991 8 21 710
Utah State Rte. 261 Moki Dugway

Down Moki Dugway - Utah State Rte. 261 (115°)

14 Sep 1991 5 7 705
NTSC June 14th - "Forest Gump" photography. Why Forest Gump.. Well you stick the camera out of the vehicle window and shoot at random... "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you'r gonna get"

Humphrey's Peak, 3.850 m / 12.600 ft (Arizona Sno…

Valley of the Gods from Moki Dugway, Sept. 14th, 1…

Scenic US-163 - The Big Sky, Sept. 14th, 1991 (210…

14 Sep 1991 5 14 716
It had been a long drive that Saturday. It took me from Cortez, CO to Flagstaff, AZ via Moki Dugway with some detours to visit Natural Bridges, Goosenecks, and Monument Valley. (351 mi / 565 km). I really enjoyed the trip and later the hotel pool :-)

Little Colorado Canyon, 1991 (030°)

South Rim Vista, Grand Canyon

Mather Point, Grand Canyon, 1991 (HFF)

14 Sep 1991 55 67 978
HNYFF - Happy New Year Fence Friday, have a nice new year's day and a healthy, happy and prosperous 2016 ... and give peace a chance! Another old upload just to get going here. Hope the upload function will return soon. HFF and enjoy the weekend anyway and stay safe and away from the virus. Originally uploaded Jan 1st, 2016.

Somewhere along Rte. 89A (Oak Creek Canyon)

15 Sep 1991 41 97 854
TSC - The Sunday Challenge March 20th - Road and Song Title containing "Road" ♪♫ On the Road Again - Willie Nelson ♪♫ Oak Creek Canyon is home of many western movies