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  • Delicate Woodland Star

    NOTE: I will be offline for 2 weeks! I adore these stunning little wildflowers and so today I spent some time practicing my photography until I got this picture. They really do look like snowflakes, don't they? :) Explored on April 15. Highest placement…

  • Adorable Itty Bitty Baby Crab Spider

    (2 notes above) I was creeping around looking for interesting subjects when I noticed something very small that was flashing at me. Peeking closer, I saw an impossibly small spider waving back and forth in the breeze. I could barely get close enough to s…

  • Dreamy Droplet

    Today I hunted around for some droplet images and managed to find this sparkling gem clinging to the end of a tiny blade of grass. I also captured an itty bitty baby crab spider and a super cool seed pod, among other lucky shots! :) It is a joy to be di…

  • Baby Grasshopper the Size of a Grain of Rice

    Would you just LOOK at this cutie pie?! I was wandering around our property looking for subjects to photograph when I spotted a tiny dark speck on a flower stem. "OH! I know what YOU ARE!!" I crouched down and crept slowly closer and closer, clicking away…

  • Darling Spring Mushroom

    I haven't picked up my camera in months so I thought I'd go out today and see if I could find something nice to post. This adorable little mushroom was bouncing up and and down in the grass with excitement to be my Picture of the Day! <3 Explored on 4/10…

  • My First Ten Pens (after an 8-yr break)

  • My Next Set of Ten Pens

  • Pens From the Past, Set 1

  • Pens From the Past, Set 2

  • A Single Leaf

    Couldn't help taking a picture of this lovely White Oak Leaf on our lawn. Pulled the color out of the background to make it pop! Explored on 11/23/17, highest placement Page 4.

  • Circling Turkey Vulture

    A pair of turkey vultures rose into the sky as I approached our front gate this morning, circling low overhead. They kept an eye on me as they soared overhead and eventually I lost track of them after taking some pictures and moving on to other subjects.…

  • Itty Bitty Green-Eyed Fly on a Tiny Blade of Grass

    I haven't felt creative for a very long time, but yesterday I finally looked outside at the lovely spring day and felt the urge to take pictures again! I decided to take our new 5D MkIII + 100mm 2.8L macro lens for my little walk and out I went to see wha…

  • 366/366: Pink Petals with a Crystal Tear

    My last picture of the year, the tear represents all that we have lost this year and for the unfortunated things that have come to pass. I am saddened by all of the deaths of so many people--whether famous, humanitarily important, or those who were loved…

  • 365/366: White Lilac Drizzled with Droplets

    I used to think that lilacs were only lavendar in color. Little did I know that they range from rich, burgundy-purple to lilac, lavender, blue, white, and even creamy yellow. I found this beautiful white one on a bush at the Harry & David public garden!…

  • 364/366: Hosta with Rolled-Up Leaf

    Another in my hosta series, here you can see a tightly curled leaf about to unfurl into a stunner like the one behind it. Such a magnificent plant!

  • 363/366: Pink Rose with Drizzled Petals

    Here is a pretty pink rose I discovered at the Harry & David public garden. It was wet with raindrops which added a lovely sheen, and surrounded by greenery.

  • 362/366: Wisteria

    These flowers are so beautiful and cover vines with countless blossoms. Harry & David had a magnificent and beautifully trained wisteria (it may have been several plants) that covered heavy trellising and an arbor that created a shady cave with a bench in…

  • 361/366: Juicy Rose

    The center of this lovely red rose is still drizzled with the last night's rain drops and made for a very juicy image!

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