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  • Circling Turkey Vulture

    A pair of turkey vultures rose into the sky as I approached our front gate this morning, circling low overhead. They kept an eye on me as they soared overhead and eventually I lost track of them after taking some pictures and moving on to other subjects.…

  • Itty Bitty Green-Eyed Fly on a Tiny Blade of Grass

    I haven't felt creative for a very long time, but yesterday I finally looked outside at the lovely spring day and felt the urge to take pictures again! I decided to take our new 5D MkIII + 100mm 2.8L macro lens for my little walk and out I went to see wha…

  • 366/366: Pink Petals with a Crystal Tear

    My last picture of the year, the tear represents all that we have lost this year and for the unfortunated things that have come to pass. I am saddened by all of the deaths of so many people--whether famous, humanitarily important, or those who were loved…

  • 365/366: White Lilac Drizzled with Droplets

    I used to think that lilacs were only lavendar in color. Little did I know that they range from rich, burgundy-purple to lilac, lavender, blue, white, and even creamy yellow. I found this beautiful white one on a bush at the Harry & David public garden!…

  • 364/366: Hosta with Rolled-Up Leaf

    Another in my hosta series, here you can see a tightly curled leaf about to unfurl into a stunner like the one behind it. Such a magnificent plant!

  • 363/366: Pink Rose with Drizzled Petals

    Here is a pretty pink rose I discovered at the Harry & David public garden. It was wet with raindrops which added a lovely sheen, and surrounded by greenery.

  • 362/366: Wisteria

    These flowers are so beautiful and cover vines with countless blossoms. Harry & David had a magnificent and beautifully trained wisteria (it may have been several plants) that covered heavy trellising and an arbor that created a shady cave with a bench in…

  • 361/366: Juicy Rose

    The center of this lovely red rose is still drizzled with the last night's rain drops and made for a very juicy image!

  • 360/366: Hosta with Droplets

    Here's another one in my striped hosta series. So colorful and festive, I thought it would be nice to post on Christmas! Happy holidays to one and all!

  • 359/366: White Bouquet with Single Floret in Focus

    It's fun to fool around with the shallow depth of field on a macro lens. I found this lovely group of florets that created a natural bouquet and wanted to see if I could get crisp focus on just the one in front with the rest fading away into bokeh. :D

  • 358/366: Bud and Bloom

    Although the composition could be better (the open blossom should be pointing into the image, not out), I wanted to show both the blossom and the bud together. The flower has such a pretty blush color, but all of the buds start out a hot pink!

  • 357/366: Bearded Iris with Spiral

    Bearded Iris usually blooms from late April through early June in southern Oregon, so when Steve and I visited the Harry & David public garden in April, their lovely bed of iris was just showing off the first blossoms, with most were still in bud. I loved…

  • 356/366: Strawberry Blossom

    There's nothing like a beautiful garden to explore with your camera, and in my opinion, a garden is best explored with a macro lens on that camera! Noodling about at Harry & David's, I discovered a lovely patch of strawberry blossoms that cried for the s…

  • 355/366: Luscious Lilac Rose

    Lilac roses are so gorgeous! It really is impossible for me to choose a favorite color of rose, but this one really is stunning, don't you think? There are many bushes at the Harry & David public garden that were totally covered with these stunning blosso…

  • 354/366: Unfurling Hosta Leaf

    Here is another picture from my striped hosta series what I captured at the Harry & David public garden. I loved how this leaf was still curled on one side. :)

  • 353/366: Wisteria Blossoms

    I have a soft spot for wisteria. My parents had a summer cabin at a recreational river community and in the area's center was a magnificent wisteria vine that must have been there for 50 years. The main vine was many feet in diameter and as it branched ou…

  • 352/366: Peony Bud and Bokeh

    When Steve and I visited the Harry & David public garden last spring, the peonies were getting close to blooming but were still in bud form. This gave me the opportunity to showcase the beauty of their forms!

  • 351/366: Last Petals

    Even though this rose is losing the last of its petals, the details up close are still beautiful! :)

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