Group: 100 Percent Perfect

Prelude to autumn.

Al Castello

Bluebells At Lake Moananui

Côte charentaise

Me and Hopper

Die Wolke

protected sewing machine

Ben Nevis Scotland 26th August 2017

Blagaj tekke

Where you can see the sea from the mountains


three pots and a cup

Krzewinka jak mały obraz

Nuages pip

Quelques nouvelles / Some news

Czarodziejskie miotełki :)

she's got eyes ;-)

HFF from the country side (Ile of Olchon/ Siberia)

Sterne pierregarin

Kawakarpo & Prayer Flags

light buoy with bell - KAP ARKONA/ RÜGEN

the blue eye

La caverne de Bernard l'Hermite

Oh! My deer!

Gedenkstätte Sachsenhausen- Oranienburg

Boats of Luguhu