Group: PiP ★ Picture in Picture

presque la vie de château -near castle life

Hinanger Fall 2

Street Graffity

Iris pseudacorus. Yellow flag iris

Dolores River

Yellow. Caution Moving Vehicles

Baby Riesenschildkröte

Poor Nerrigundah

Disappointment Valley

Nederland - Vlieland, De Vuurduin

Fachwerk mit Geschichte

In Bodalla

Jimmy Newells harbour Look out.

Entrance to Powis Castle

Nederland - Vlieland

The Visitor ..

Nederland - Vlieland, Oost-Vlieland

Breathtaking Spencer Creek at Beverly Beach State…

Penedos, Starry night

c'e' bisogno d'arte per non morire di realtá (PiP)

Kamin mit Heizung :-) (3xPiP)

Nederland - Ermelo, Oud Groevenbeek

Crest of the Santa Rosas

Evoramonte, Alentejo

Lake Falkert, Carinthia (AT)