Group: All About Water

Swan and Cygnets.

Castro Marim, Natural Reservation, Early morning

River Codes - a limit of councils and districts.


River Codes, flowing between districts.

Corfu, day 2

H.A.N.W.E - With A Boat Trip

Penedo Furado Fluvial Beach.

H.A.N.W.E - With A Boat Trip

Lake Rotoiti

H.F.F. - At The Fortress

H.F.F. - At The Fortress

A Fence for Friday

Sailing fearless

By Lake Moananui. In Tokoroa.

Fountain (1944).

La solitudine del molo abbandonato ...

The Atlantic ..

Majestic Mountain (Explored)

Shades of gray

Traversing Glacier Bay

Summer rains

no words required

Great Spring day

Lofoten, Uttakleiv Beach

Looking east, to River Tagus.