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Peggy C
Peggy C
Pam J 9-19-2018

UpDate - 9-19-2018

Here's the latest update on Pam from Jay:
"The breathing tube has been removed. Pam is still getting a little oxygen through her nose tubes. The drainage tube in her cranium has been removed and the hole has been sealed shut. She still has a food tube, but when she can demonstrate that she can eat and swallow, that will be removed as well. She was very groggy this morning, but responsive to instructions. The PT folks showed up and put her through a minor workout. They had her hold a wash cloth in her hand and wipe her face. She is trying to speak, but not there yet. She also managed to move her left foot a little when instructed.

"Doctor says they will keep her in ICU another day or so and then transfer her to a non-ICU room. Depending on progress, she will eventually go to a rehab facility."
7 hours ago.
Peggy C
Peggy C
Good news :) about Pam Johnson -


Here is the latest update from Jay:

"Pam is awake! I went in at 9am and she was awake. I told her everyone missed her and such. I told her I mowed the lawn and she raised her brow.

"Then she wanted to talk and could not because of the tube. That's when she went into a panic attack and they had to sedate her. So, I got 3 minutes with her.

"After the staff reported that she had been awake earlier in the morning, the head doctor decided it was time to remove the tube. That will probably happen today."

So, that was predictable. We all know how Pam feels about tubes. I'm hoping the tube is gone now, and maybe she won't remember what happened today.

Please post this wherever you like, it is the version Jay expects to be published.

- received from Marty [San Francisco Gal-Pal of Pam Johnson]

09/18/2018 @ 6:25pm [ no idea which time zone this one is as Marty is in Kansas now and Jay is in Oklahoma ]
33 hours ago.