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Peggy C
Peggy C
Pam J has left a message for us all --
9 days ago.
Peggy C
Peggy C
From Pam -


Just back - 25 October 2018

Treatment Options:

No Treatment -surgery Not an Option

1) Surgery- Remove the AVM. (the bunch of blood vessels)

Not Recommended because adjacent brain tissue may be damaged.
Also, the nature of the AVM is not a good candidate for surgery, because the arteries are connected to working parts of the brain.

-which he saw this at the time . when he operated to relieve the pressure on my brain at the time of the bleed

2) Blocking the AVM- Fill the AVM with "glue"..

Not recommended because the arteries are connected to working parts of the brain.

3) Radiation- Target the AVM with radiation

Recommended- Requires an MRI in January and treatment in late February.
This is an Outpatient procedure.
May cause swelling, which will require other treatment at the time and would be done on site at OU Medical centre

So now we wait. I like the man and trust him totally.

I now have to work on my left side "cut off sight; and small , moving objects and focus"

This changed my life and I am still in shock and need this time to heal and recover. Small things send me off track right now as you will understand, I am sure
3 weeks ago.
Peggy C
Peggy C
Just saw this magnificent photo album of love/honor/well-being from one member of our Family to another Member of the Ipernity Family ..

These beautiful photos by Andy will help Pam in her healing process now that she is home. *********************************************
5 weeks ago. Edited 5 weeks ago.
Peggy C
Peggy C
Pam Progress ~~

Hi! Just got this from Jay:

Pam is in the rehab facility, aka skilled nursing facility.

She will most likely be there for the next two weeks. Depending on her progress and what the insurance is willing to do, she may have another stay at an advanced rehab, aka inpatient rehab facility. Skilled nursing is low intensity 2 hours or so of PT per day. Inpatient is more intense with 4 or more hours of PT per day.

The facility is clean and bright with windows that look out on the front lawn. Everyone I met on the staff was friendly and supportive.

The address is:
Pam Johnson
Medical Park West, Room 605
3110 Healthplex Parkway
Norman, OK 73072

Pam is enthusiastic and working with the staff. Her motivation is that she wants to come home.

They are working on bathroom skills, standing, and using a walker.

They had to cut all her hair off because what was left was matted and tangled from the hospital stay.

She is back to talking in paragraphs when 3 or 4 words would answer most questions.

I dropped off her tablet, but she was having some problems. She knows what she wants to do, but she needs to relearn how to drive it. You may or may not get a note from her in the near future.

So thrilled about this .. that red hair will return !


7 weeks ago. Edited 3 weeks ago.
You are such a dear to keep us updated on Pam. So lovely that it is continued improvement!

In other news - I finally was on flickr and found you (you had followed me). So no we are buds in two places!
7 weeks ago.