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Concert above Season Changes ..

Mockingbird at the top of Season-Changing Dogwood leaves - 3 PiP 1 - Clematis - Kardynal Wyszynski 2 - Yakity Yak Flowers .. False Dragon Head, Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana) 3 - Cascade of Dogwood Leaves and berries.. Season changes ..

By Peggy C

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The White Ash tree ..

- against a North Carolina sky - of light blue - with 'white puffy thingys' - called that by a friend across the pond - gradually green turns to Fall colors - except those that rain down to the Earth - a Wise Peaceful Soul - we talk daily 5 PiP

By Peggy C

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Reflections ...

of Lake Mac - peaceful - a wonderful place to visit - have a picnic - or - do absolutely nothing - but - listen to leaves rustle - as a soft breeze - passes through them - and - an occasional splash in the lake - fish - or one of the resident Mallard families - viewing this photo, all those memories surround my senses - May you all have a place to visit that will keep your mind alive, yet peaceful .. even if memories .. taken in 2016

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By Peggy C

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Through the branches ..

colors of kayaks and canoes - reflections in the waters - of Lake Mac - slight ripples - peace - have been many times - with Pam J - and my Sister-In-Law - and solo trips - 2 PiP

By Peggy C

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Erasmus .. The Winged Dragon ...

Read the t-shirt ! My name is Erasmus .. ( to love ) 25 ft long 10 ft wide 8 ft tall 3600 lbs Lots of room for children to climb or sit and read books (the Library is just around the corner) - Given a Police Escort from his place of creation to this grassy area because of his size.

By Peggy C

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Erasmus the Dragon ..

a new sculpture at the Children's Museum has large wings horns and a gentle, friendly "come climb on me" message to all the children who want to see 'who is that new person ?' Beechwood Metalworks ... Casey and Emily Lewis .. local artists/sculptors 1 PiP

By Peggy C

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In Memory . . .

Philip Thomas Gompf August 5, 1999-August 17, 2009 "Profoundly sensitive, brilliant, wise beyond his years, a budding author and scientist, and forever alive in my heart" (by his Mom) When a child dies, all one can do is support the family.. send them good vibes, prayers to heal the hole now in their hearts, energies to sustain them.. My dear chosen sister, Nu`riah (who painted the Henna art on my frame drum), lost her young son to bacterial meningitis Monday morning. Please hold the family in your hearts and souls; pray for them to gain understanding of this tragedy. Just hold them close. We all thank you.. the wagons have been circled to protect and comfort them. The words below, written by Tim Rice & music by Elton John, somehow were all I could think of... "Circle Of Life" From the day we arrive on the planet And blinking, step into the sun There's more to be seen than can ever be seen More to do than can ever be done Some say eat or be eaten Some say live and let live But all are agreed as they join the stampede You should never take more than you give In the circle of life It's the wheel of fortune It's the leap of faith It's the band of hope Till we find our place On the path unwinding In the circle, the circle of life Some of us fall by the wayside And some of us soar to the stars And some of us sail through our troubles And some have to live with the scars There's far too much to take in here More to find than can ever be found But the sun rolling high through the sapphire sky Keeps great and small on the endless round Elton John & Tim Rice © 1994 Walt Disney Music Company © All rights reserved *Explore : 18 August 2009 #465

By Peggy C

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Fine Dining ..

4 PiP across top -- Kwanso Day Lily -- Bonanza Day Lily -- Stick snack or perch -- Turk's Cap -- -- EXPLORE / GALLERY

By Peggy C

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A Turk's Cap Day ..

. yes, I do like these Turk's Cap Lily blooms . they are Native to North Carolina and are perennials . 5 ft tall and have white Arrowroot and Bonanza Day Lilles . 1 bloom yesterdy . 4 today . lots of buds this year Turk's Cap Lily (Lilium superbum) 6 PiP EXPLORE / GALLERY
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