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Ooops ..

RenFest 2009 March .. Wasn't quick enough to escape being spotted ... So much for a candid of my Dear MJ in Florida .. Such memories at the Festival ! Archive Airings AA-313-MEMORIES

By Peggy C

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Rain + Sun = April

Each photo has a PiP in upper Left corner - Formosa azalea - 4 different Iris - From Peach to Purple/Burgundy - PiP in photo 3 has a fly-by something - Shows up against the white column - From North Carolina to you .. EXPLORE ..

By Peggy C

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So beautiful . . .

A day in North Carolina with this sky over head .. Puffy clouds slowly floating by on gentle breezes .. Green leaves arriving on White Ash tree .. Birds in concert .. Iris blooming .. Lilacs of white and also lavender .. Cascading branches of a Mock Orange inviting bees .. Formosa Azaleas .. Wild Petunias are popping up in different places than last year .. Spiderwort [ blue-purple ] .. Honesty Plant aka Money Plant [ Lunaria annua ] .. Star of Bethlehem .. Neighbors walking with their children .. May…

By Peggy C

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Digital Photography School weekly challenge : Lines - Textures cropped in: © All Rights Reserved AA-310-TEXTURES ARCHIVE AIRINGS

By Peggy C

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Snow diamonds ..

The day after ... - through the kitchen window .. to my neighbor's backyard - could be on a calendar or Wintery card - think I'll send it to them * 1 PiP * © All rights reserved ** EXPLORE **

By Peggy C

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Thomas P. Catt, Esq.

Rare shot of Thomas - usually on the move - checking out the neighborhood - takes his job of Neighborhood Guardian seriously ! © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

By Peggy C

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"Sunshine is helpful for thinking. It warms up the brain cells." - Shannon Wiersbitzky (The Summer of Hammers and Angels)

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico Casey Key FL If you blink -- the sun is gone © All rights reserved Archive Airings AA 309 -A Place Near I Used to Live

By Peggy C

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Another Decade -

Yet this North Carolina sky in January - Framed by leafless branches - And puffy clouds - Is very different from last January - We had snow - So far, lots of rain - No snow - Spring wants to get here - But., as we have had no snow - Spring will have to wait - I can hear her soft whisper - ' Am ready - The Daffodil leaves are coming up - Did you see ? ' -- EXPLORE --

By Peggy C

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Balsam Range at The Historic Earle Theater .. Top L - Marc on 5 string banjo Next is - Darren on mandolin Next is Tim on dobro - also plays upright basss Far R - Buddy - on upright bass - fiddle player superb Across the bottom - all of Balsam Range Bottom L - Caleb on guitar [ he makes guitars, too ] All do vocals and/or harmony - Balsam Range - many You Tube videos .. some done well .. others not .. but, these guys are so talented. They make you feel as though you are in their living room as a special guest. IF they come ne…
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