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  • And it came down ...

    What does one do when it snows? Take photos through the windows ~ Sometimes they turn out fine ~ Others -- horrid ~ But these are about the best for yesterday as it fell ~ We ended with 12 inches ~ This morning [ Dec 10, 2018 ] ~ It was still snowing big…

  • All are in agreement --

    Screenshot 2018-12-08 Weather models / meteorologists / dart boards --- It is to be a mess [ my meteorological term ] -- Just so y'all know if I'm not around in here -- Do have a battery in the laptop -- But not going to run it down -- Duke Energy sen…

  • -- Time

    Countries - Customs - History - Many things we have are different - And that is good - Yet there is One we all share - We are humans who are more alike than we are different - May your days be beautiful - May you get that which is right and good - M…

  • .. really

    .. there was a beautiful Hawk gliding above .. pulled over to get a shot .. well -- guess it wasn't to be .. another day perhaps

  • Stretching ..

    - my imagination - definitely outside the box - original photo is below Archive Airings AA-273 STRETCHING MY IMAGINATION --- EXPLORE --

  • .. before

  • Every year -

    - I wait for this row of trees to turn brilliant red - planted in a median of a divided city street - the best place to take a photo (and not get run over) - the parking lot across from them

  • The Palette -

    - this Park has so many different kinds of trees - changing colors and hues - a visual feast of wonder

  • - from the same area

    - trees still shedding their colors - hope the people who walk along that walkway appreciate the beauty - cause they won't see it again until next year

  • This day -

    - the beauty of Nature - has been saved for my digital memories - long Pine needle - some green - some not - but the trees like this in the area are the same - maybe it is 'Needle Dropping Time'

  • Shiny truck..

    but have a friend who sells them.. when he has one at the house prior to delivery, he gives me a call... "want to come sit in the truck?" .. his wife and I enjoy it every time ! will probably never learn all the parts of these massive vehicles .. there i…

  • The Creek -

    - became a 'River' - we call it the 'Wildwood River' - it runs down from the top of the hill - on city easement - past our White Ash - to the storm drain

  • - part 2

    - of The River - some leaves formed a semi-dam - but water will keep on going

  • - part 3

    - the large White Ash - Dogwood with red leaves - green stuff is weeds - the 2 story house behind us - had to take down a Bradford Pear tree - they aren't sturdy trees and one branch broke - hitting their deck and next door chain link fence [ made a big d…

  • Late --

    Season colors - 1- Clematis (Kardynal Wyszynski) - tricked into blooming by very warm temps 2- Dogwood with a leaf over a nest 3- Down the road, Canadian Geese visit yearly [ there is a large pond also ] 4- Carpenter Bee on the few False Sunflower…

  • Softness of the Season -

    - seen in groupings outside the grocery store - these were the prettiest, soft looking ones - so, now - you also have them - Life is sharing - even the little things Have a wonderful weekend, My Friends .. From North Carolina US to wherever you may…

  • A request -

    from our Pam J - share as far and wide as we can - perhaps we don't think of things - until they hit close to our hearts - just spoke with Pam - day by day Pam sees improvement - keep Pam in your thoughts/wishes/prayer - And - The above is open to SHA…

  • Poetography Group ..

    ".. you're nuts but you're welcome here." - Steve Martin The large Carpenter Bee on a False Sunflower and the very small Skipper - This quote seems that it could be the Bee buzzing to the Butterfly - Imagination ! © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

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