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Special ..

Knock-Out Roses .. A vase of color .. From our niece .. She is a beautiful soul .. Wonderful guest for supper .. And sports enthusiast .. Works for a nearby Veterinarian .. After teaching duties as an Adjunct Professor at NC A&T.. Then, in her spare time on weekends .. She either plays Soccer .. Or is a Soccer Official .. Oh, how I'd love to have some of that energy ! We are fortunate to have her close .. She said, " these are from us all ' [includes 3 four-footers] ! © All Rights Reserved --EXPLORE--

The Signal ..

captured by Carolina Primrose Satellite, LLC .. one of the best around .. of course, it is only in our yard .. and only begins sending signals in May .. but, so far the only limitations noted .. wind does tend to carry the signal off-course .. but, it isn't bothered by sun-spots .. planning an addition of a butterfly-seeker .. will have to check with the company to see if that is a possibility .. © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

Shapes / Colors of Nature ..

Above .. At my feet - In the distance - The variety of beauty in my corner of this World - North Carolina USA There are 9 PiPs - Left corner of each photo - © All Rights Reserved

2019 The Ladies of Purple

Each photo has a PiP - upper L corner - PiP 1 is a Heritage Iris .. white silk standards with purple velvet falls = she is Party Gal .. PiP 2 is Spiderwort .. a prolific perennial .. PiP 3 is a shorter Iris .. Japanese or I've seen it called African Nile .. Framed in PicMonkey .. Flowers from the Garden of Surprises and Dogwood Patch - A Garden .. © All Rights Reserved -- EXPLORE --

Hello !

These Iris .. 'Party Gal' have not only bloomed longer than usual --- but new ones daily! Year by year - one never knows which will put out the most blooms .. But, 'Party Gal', has them all outdone ! Didn't see that fellow until I took the photos off the memory card! Hello There ! * 1 PiP * -- EXPLORE --

Dutch Angle of Purple -

On a day to check our the Florida waterbirds .. See who was at what lake .. Came across this .. Yes .. Had to pull over and take a shot .. It fascinated me .. And as a Florida Friend has told me .. "You take the shot .. because.." No reason is needed .. Who knows when or what it will be needed for .. So, now it is needed .. Archives [2012] .. ARCHIVE AIRINGS AA-288 A FAVE COLOR © All Rights Reserved

Down The Road -

Not My Garden A visit to view Bob-The-Gardner and his beauties this year .. Love to see other talented Souls who Dig-in-The-Dirt and what is blooming ! Red Columbine (Aquilegia) .. PiP 1 and 3 Tall Bearded Iris PiP 2 Siberian Iris PiP 4 --EXPLORE--

Surprise !

Red Admiral ( Vanessa atalanta ) - In the side yard - Looked down - Surprise! Hadn't seen one in a couple of years - What a treat ! © All rights reserved - 1 PiP - EXPLORE

A Day for those who - Look Up !

“Clouds are just wisps of nature.” ― Anthony T. Hincks When I went out and saw this magnificent sky - it had to be shared with y'all. North Carolina has had [especially our area] more rain than we need [in my opinion] - After all, when one steps in the yard and the clay dirt goes squish - That is plenty - And all that rain and not one rainbow ! Yes, April showers and all that ... but we started in March - The flowers are blooming - Buds have popped out on all things - But, y'all get Our North Carolina -…
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