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13 Feb 2020

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NotMyGarden 2020

- got some bloomin' Lady Daffs - tis a bit chilly in these parts - and way too much rain - keep sending it to areas of this world that need more rain - a friend said " we don't have it - yet " - the only variety we don't have out front - small white one - was planning on taking pics of ours today - if the rain stops, I shall ! ** 3 PiP ** © All rights reserved

10 Feb 2020

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For Pam ..


08 Feb 2020

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Mizz Daff ..

Here we go ! It is time for color.. Mizz Daff welcomes you ! A bit chilly, especially when the wind blows, but had to get these gals ! ** 3 PiP ** 1st on top Left - The start of Violet season Middle PiP - Creeping Phlox Right PiP - That which is left of a Yellow Crocus after rain and winds took her to task! All she wanted to do was bloom ! But, we have started - get ready for colors There are several groupings of Daff Leaves ! © All rights reserved -- EXPLORE --

18 Sep 2004

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"Sunshine is helpful for thinking. It warms up the brain cells." - Shannon Wiersbitzky (The Summer of Hammers and Angels)

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico Casey Key FL If you blink -- the sun is gone © All rights reserved Archive Airings AA 309 -A Place Near I Used to Live

30 Jan 2020

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Totally weird ...

The lane closest to the bottom of the photo is designated as a Right Turn Only ( used to be Right Turn or Straight ahead ).. The Center lane is for cyclists ... I wouldn't ride on that .. Lane where the car is is designated as Left Turn or Straight ahead .. Yet, if a cyclist is going Straight ahead ..They Must Dodge cars ! Who re-striped the pavement did a good job - But it is stupid .. not to even mention not safe NCDOT [ North Carolina Dept of Transportation is the guilty party ] .. When this was brought up at a City Council Meeting .. Our Mayor was told we have to wait for NCDOT to fix it .. His reply, "If they don't get out here and fix it - I'll do it !" [not unuusal for him -- have seen him on riding mower when the grass on the exit or entrance ramps to the Interstate gets too high - he doesn't wait for NCDOT -- gets out there and cuts it himself] Won't be surprised if I drive over that way and he has paint brush in his hand - he doesn't like to wait for the 'powers that be " -- EXPLORE --

23 Jan 2020

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Another Decade -

Yet this North Carolina sky in January - Framed by leafless branches - And puffy clouds - Is very different from last January - We had snow - So far, lots of rain - No snow - Spring wants to get here - But., as we have had no snow - Spring will have to wait - I can hear her soft whisper - ' Am ready - The Daffodil leaves are coming up - Did you see ? ' -- EXPLORE --

18 Jan 2020

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Sculpture ..

" Why fit in when you can stand out?" - Jerry Spinilli Arts Center Outdoor Sculpture .. 1 PiP Wings in Flight or What do you think it is ? ..EXPLORE..

03 Jun 2013

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Dining out . . .

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors .. we borrow it from our children.” Native American Proverb

27 Dec 2008

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Under the tree... in 2008

Hot chocolate mix (homemade by a friend in Florida) - small brown bear with a heart with the words 'When I Count My Blessings, I Count You Twice'- "Sawyer Bear" from Habitat for Humanity - bags of ? Archive Airings AA-307- Old photo in Jan. ** 1 note **
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