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By Diane Putnam

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Salmon cakes

Tonight's dinner. When I try cooking something new, and from scratch, that makes my tiny kitchen a huge mess, you know I'm bored at an entirely new level. This is canned wild Alaskan salmon of good quality. I wouldn't waste fresh salmon this way.

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By Bergfex

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H.F.F. - at 'Grander Alp'

Original meadows at the Grander Alp under the south wall of the Emperor Mountains (Tyrol, Austria) at 1,263 meters above sea level. This alp is too difficult to reach to fertilize with liquid manure. That is why everything here grows in a completely natural way. ~~~~~ Ursprüngliche Wiesen an der Grander-Alm unter der Südwand des Wilden Kaiser (Tirol, Österreich) auf 1.263 Metern Seehöhe. Diese Alm ist zu schwer erreichbar, um mit Gülle zu düngen. Deshalb wächst hier alles ganz naturbelassen. ~~~~~…

By Xata

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Papaver rhoeas, Ranunculales

By Dick M

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By Guy Gdn

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Tigre de Sumatra

By Peggy C

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Ooops ..

RenFest 2009 March .. Wasn't quick enough to escape being spotted ... So much for a candid of my Dear MJ in Florida .. Such memories at the Festival ! Archive Airings AA-313-MEMORIES

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By Bergfex

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A Lucky Charm Along The Way

Ein Glücksbringer am Wegesrand beim Aufstieg durch die Zimmerberg-Klamm bei Telfs (Tirol, Österreich). Der Stein ist durchbohrt und festgenagelt. Die frischen Blümchen stammen wohl von Spaziergängern, die vorbei gagangen sind.

By micritter

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_B061913 Copy_DxOdL · Chrysanthemum

(November, 2017). - Thank you very much for your visits, comments or yellow stars. Much appreciated. - Merci beaucoup pour vos visites, vos commentaires ou vos étoiles jaunes. Très appréciée., - Vielen Dank für Ihre Besuche, Kommentare oder gelbe Sterne. Sehr geschätzt. ·

By micritter

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8010732 DxOdcLM

042620 Ruby-throated hummingbird on sage flowers. (August 1, 2019) · · · 2 PiPs Many thanks to all who view this photo, give a yellow star, or write a comment. I am distressed that at present I am unable to reciprocate.
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