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By micritter

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Shell. 7317706

. . 1 PiP . . . Thank you very much for your kind visit.

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By Fred Fouarge

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Autumn Double

Scherp en Onscherp door water beweging

By micritter

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Butterfly on lantana. 8058042

A skipper on lantana. . . . 1 PiP . . . Thank you very much for your kind visit.

By Peggy C

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Concert above Season Changes ..

Mockingbird at the top of Season-Changing Dogwood leaves - 3 PiP 1 - Clematis - Kardynal Wyszynski 2 - Yakity Yak Flowers .. False Dragon Head, Obedient plant (Physostegia virginiana) 3 - Cascade of Dogwood Leaves and berries.. Season changes ..

By Andy Rodker

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Last of the roses

Another of my sister's photos.

By Günter Klaus

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.........der Wiesen Bocksbart zeigt sich immer noch schön.....

.....ich nutze bei den Blumen oder Pflanzen auch immer gerne verschiedene Perspektiven.....

By Liliane LR

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By Liliane LR

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Naturospace de Honfleur

Il y en aura pour tout le monde

By William Sutherland

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Wakiki Beach, Wakiki, Oahu, Hawai’i This digital composition was created from garbage and litter found on Wakiki Beach along with an untarnished Pua Melia blossom that had fallen from the branches above. The title Edena was selected because Hawai’i is a “paradise” on earth and delightful refuge from many of the world’s problems. The chosen colors are filled with symbolism. Green (Omao) represents compassion, refreshment, the abundance of lush plants that cover the Hawai’ian Islands and well as life and love since per the Hawai’ian proverb, “Hāʻawi ke aloha i ke ola i loko” – “Love gives life within.” The eight red (ula’ula) dots on the domino represent the eight Hawai’ian Islands and the lava from the volcanic activity that had created them as well as passion. The splotches of yellow (melemele) represent the refreshing wind that comes off the Pacific as well as the Island of Oahu. The pastel whites (keʻokeʻo) and browns (palaunu) represent the sands on Hawai’ia’s coasts while the splotches of black (eleʻele) represent lava rock and black sand newly created by the continuous and active volcanic activity of the islands. The tinge of blue (polu) in the capital letter “B” represents the nearby ocean as well as health. At the same time, the Pua Melia (Plumeria) on the left is the floral symbol of Hawai’I used to create leis, that represents new beginnings, beauty, forgiveness, and life. The peach coloration on the Pua Melia represent comfort, warmth, and joy – which are epitomized by the smiling face. Finally the Japanese characters on the discarded chop sticks and product label represent harmony and cultural diversity based on the Hawi'ian saying, "Aloha does not discriminate!" With that said, “Aloha i nā mea āpau āu e ʻike ai a mau a mau ke aloha” – “Love all that you see and may our love last forever.”
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