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- floating

through the air - the melodies of the Balafon - greet the dancer - as her veils join the music - with djembes & dumbeks - and shakeres under the melody - it becomes one - - taken 20 April 2013 @ Circle of Rhythm Drum Circle - Canon PowerShot SX40 HS cropped/watermark only in: © All Rights Reserved "Fixed-key variations In a fixed-key balafon, the keys are suspended by leather straps just above a wooden frame, under which are hung graduated-size calabash gourd resonators. A small…


.. dancing to the rhythms .. Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering .. we played .. she danced .. anytime we shall play for her edited in: © All Rights Reserved

Rhythm ..

- adds to hand drumming - shakers of all sorts - purchased & handmade - tambourines - wood block frog - great rhythms last night - at Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering - there still are energies - floating in the air - go ahead ! - reach up and grab a few - pocket size - you can take them anywhere - 'no expiration date' framed in: © All Rights Reserved

- a drummer

son of one who I call a 'hard core' drummer [ with love ] .. T-Man [ the Dad ] comes to the drum circles almost as much as do I .. visiting his Dad for just a while before heading on down the road .. TJ added his talents to our rhythms .. wish I had recorded when he was playing .. TJ has more talent in one finger than in all my 10 .. collage done in PicMonkey .. left photo of TJ /guest /in poster editing .. right side .. only the center photo has been cropped only .. the top and bottom ones .. playing…

a night of music ..

- every month on the 3RD Saturday - there is a gathering - the Lakeland Circle of Rhythm - drummers of all talents - of experiences - a Master Drummer joins us - schedule permitting - all levels of experience - all kinds of drums - and percussion including cow bells - Latin instruments I can't spell ! - we enjoy the company of whoever is there - drumming together is a BONUS ~ - even had a guest [ former drummer.. the professional kind ] - so, if you are in the area on the 3RD Saturday of the month - let me…

Alexandria drum ..

reflections of Christmas lights .. done in © All rights reserved


- floor work - or - one way to rest - during HOT Afro-Caribbean rhythms - Circle of Rhythm - 19 Nov 2011 © All rights reserved

Aylah !

- in Motion - Digital Photography School - 'Weekly Photography Challenge' DPSINMOTION © All rights reserved

Night rhythms ..

Tin Can Gypzee belly dancers .. Improv @ Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering .. They always make us drum better .. Energy level ? Not possible to be measured ! © All rights reserved
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