My mantra and my djembe....

Circle of Rhythm

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Swirling red...

is there more energy created by a red skirt - or - is it the shear talent of the wearer? "The Alphabet Site" .. red '' Another Link in the Chain '' - red bag to red skirt © All rights reserved

Halloween 2008

Circle of Rhythm drum circle

Black and silver on red....

..the bellydancer swirled in her red skirt.. accented by a silver and black hip scarf.. © All rights reserved

Halloween 2008

deep in thought, she dances on to the rhythms...

Soft lighting..

adds to the bellydancer's slow, deliberate moves.. Mitchell's Coffee House, Lakeland FL © All rights reserved

Dancing to drumming...

drum / dance circle at coffee house

A slow beledi matched..

the dancer's movements... © All rights reserved

Circle of Rhythm

2nd Anniversary Blast!!!

Tribal Dancers..

dancing to Circle of Rhythm drummers . . . they came.. they danced.. they elevated the energies ! Mitchell's Coffee House..
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