My mantra and my djembe....


- a Drum Circle in Plant City FL, held in a coffee shop - both the coffee shop and drum circle are closed - memories of good times © All rights reserved

My mantra and my djembe....

at ground level, it is different. & red tassel hangs from my black djembe.... © All rights reserved

Through the rim of a tambourine..

the dancer is lost within her innner rhythms and the drums which accompany her.

Gypzee swirling, coins jingling...

the heartbeat of the drums & her spirit are one..... ©SD All Rights Reserved

old buildings have stories...

part of an archway of an old building .. used to be part of a hospital.. now a coffee shop.. Espress Yourself Coffee 101 Plant City FL (this establishment has been closed as a coffee shop ..10/13/2011) © All rights reserved

..must find out..

if this was part of the original building..

A time ago...

this was a hospital, waiting rooms, surgery done upstairs, drugstore next door, old timers have the history (and were probably born here).. © All rights reserved

..bricks and mortar..

mortar and bricks... builiding once used to help heal people with medical treatments.. now, used to soothe with warm coffee, homemade soup and healing energies from hand drums on the third Friday... © All rights reserved

Inside, the coffee brews...

brick interior wall of an old building converted to a warm,inviting coffee house, where there is music of all genres..


silver and black - This is a refurbished building in Plant City FL. Found out that this section used to be part of a hospital and was the waiting room. Surgery was done upstairs, including births. The wall over to the right side was an outside wall and still has part of the word 'drugstore' on the bricks. (c) All Rights Reserved * 1 note *
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