Could you sleep here ?


Outdoor / Indoor festivals... © All rights reserved

Could you sleep here ?

Taking a nap before the drum class, this was too good a shot to not take ! Yes, the subject knows it was taken, but I've altered this a bit "to protect his identity" ! Will tell you, though - he's a very talented drummer! © All rights reserved

Festival on the Nile (FON) .. A Group of dancer photos displayed outside the ballroom -

- photos of some of the talented dancers performing at Festival on the Nile - Hafla on Friday and/or Saturday show with the music of The Mosaic Ensemble - a plethora of talents, styles, colors - an enjoyable time ! © All rights reserved AA222-A Group of Your Choice / Photo in a group .. Permission to take copies of these and use was granted by FON. (2010)

Patterns of Silk ...

Cinnamon buns - The display of silk veils, wrapped in bun-shapes remind me of cinnamon buns.. very colorful ones! Veils were at the table of Jewel of India vendor at Festival on the Nile.. bellydance seminar / workshop in Orlando.. held twice a year. **website: Archive Airings - AA21 - Patterns 2009 Dance instructor scheduled is : Rachel George, based in the Pacific northwest. Come join us at the Ramada Hotel Orlando/Celebration.. either for the workshop; shows on Friday night (Oct 2nd) and Saturday night (Oct. 3rd). Or come spend a day; look at all the wonderful items for sale by the vendors. Shop! Come by the registration table & say, Hi ! © All rights reserved

Rainbow colors --

Of Caftans for sale..- Would like one of each, please.. - © All Rights Reserved AA252-RAINBOW COLORS ARCHIVE AIRINGS

Always colorful...

Manolete.. Bay Area Renaissance Festival '09... always colorful in dress, personality and his act! © All rights reserved

The cajon..

Manolete plays the cajon... setting the mood for his show..


Manolete, against a Florida blue sky...

Beautiful wings...

Bay Area Renaissance Festival


they were not .... two girls on Medieval-type swings never seemed to notice that someone was watching them.... Another Link in the Chain - from greeting to being watched .. © All rights reserved . ..1 note ..
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