Drummers and Dancers

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'' Drumming is the oldest form of music on the planet." Madisyn Taylor Co-founder of (c) All Rights Reserved - for Poetography - ** I like the quote, but disagree with it. The Human Voice is the oldest form of music. Perhaps the drum / percussion is the oldest instrument .... ** There is a video " 2012 " -- taken at Gandy Beach Drum Circle, Gandy Beach Florida USA ... should be next to this photo ..

Portrait ..

of a dancer - Zephyrhills Founder's Day Parade - 2009 elegant - talented - beautiful through and through - Akasha ~ (c)AllRightsReserved

old has become new ..

2 notes added - 1 note added as it is being played by a friend - This djembe has been to many drum circles; it has been my go-to drum for practice; it has a good feel to it. Bought it several years ago at Target -- if you remember when Target had ads on TV for international type merchandise - this was one of the items .. sat on the floor at Target [ in FL ] and played every one on the shelves. Made 2 groups - some to play again -- others back to the shelves. The drum was hand-made in Africa. Always loved the sounds brought forth and the energy we exchanged. But, the head split when something fell on it. Was introduced to a soul who could fix it in North Carolina. There is no way to describe how it feels - another drummer would understand. There is an energy my new Friend left while re-heading it with deerskin. Such a sweet, mellow yet deep sound .... thank you, My Friend - for your talent and the part of your spirit which remains from your touch. Namaste, Peggy

- a few

of the many who celebrated .. dancers, drummers, photographers, too ! enjoying friendships .. making new ones .. taking time out to share .. FooD .. you must have food at a Party .. am sure that is a rule .. everything was so good .. from hot dogs with home-made chili .. to Yellow rice and meatballs .. pasta with red sauce .. Quinoa patties... chips of all kinds .. ever tried Falafal chips .. good stuff ! fruit .. salads .. cheese tray .. Jezebel sauce over cream cheese .. and decadent brownies ~ nobody went hungry .. we cook to eat .. like we play for dancers .. seriously ~ edited in: © All Rights Reserved

- a drummer's drum

intricate details .. colorful .. belongs to the lead drummer .. Mike Gregian of the Mosaic Ensemble.. Festival on the Nile is a workshop .. bellydancers from all over the US attend .. Rachel George was the instructor .. photo taken after the drum workshop ended .. sound .. oh, does it ever sound good ! © All rights reserved

Nu'riah & the Music . .

- dancing to the rhythms of congas -- 1 note added - dumbeks - bongos - djembes - tubanos - percussion that filled the room - drawn in by the beats, from bottom L, Nu'riah is a blur with her music - above L, she and the light become one - above R, where the music begins & the dancer ends ? - it is seamless - bottom R, Nu'riah bows to thank the drummers - a magnificent evening of such wonderful rhythms - and dancers to make it even more special - ah... sigh along with me ! © All rights reserved ** NO photos may be used without prior permission** - no exceptions! NO blogs, nothing ****

Alexandria drum ..

reflections of Christmas lights .. done in © All rights reserved

Delilah ..

- of Seattle WA - in Hollywood FL - still searching for the year - Maja sponsored this Event - scanned from film © All rights reserved

T-Man and The Drum ...

Timbo is at least 6ft (probably more) .. this is a standing drum .. deep bass .. fun to play .. so nice of him to share with us at the Circle of Rhythm Drum Gathering ! © All rights reserved
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