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  • reminiscence

    OK, in my humble opinion (OK, OK, in my rather pompous opinion -grin-) there can be no plagiarism in art. We all build upon those that went before us, learn from those around us and create based upon whatever we see and feel. OK, having said that I was j…

  • first blooms

  • season


  • listen

    Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch Bee's sketch paper.

  • Alaska Range, 80 miles away

    The Alaska Mountain Range, from 80 miles (128 kilometers) away

  • The sketchers, waiting for Model

    Well, our life drawing sessions are over until next winter, folks just don't want to sit inside sketching during the summer when they can be outside enjoying the midnight sun up here on top of the world. This is a quick sketch from a couple of sessions a…

  • 5 May

    Cinco cervezas; From Wikipedea; Cinco de Mayo has taken on a significance beyond that in Mexico... More popularly celebrated in the United States ... The day gained nationwide popularity in the 1980s thanks especially to advertising campaigns by beer a…

  • Alaskan Gothic

    The kids in 1966 (these pictures went through a flood in 1967)

  • back in the day

    Cool, in New York City. -grin-

  • end of the road in '64

    After traveling 4239.4 miles from New York City to Fairbanks Alaska....

  • 1964

    Fairbanks, Alaska city limits 1964

  • Perchance

    Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper.

  • Awaiting spring

  • After the night of the Steamfitter's Ball

    Ink and oil pastels on Bristol vellum paper, 11 by 14 inches. Yep, I enjoy playing. ;-)

  • April in Alaska

    Winter Storm Warning URGENT - WINTER WEATHER MESSAGE National Weather Service Fairbanks AK 1230 PM AKDT Tue Apr 23 2019 AKZ222-241400- /O.CON.PAFG.WS.W.0026.000000T0000Z-19042 4T1400Z/ Middle Tanana Valley- Including Fairbanks, Fort Wainwright, Eielson…

  • Later 4-17-19

    As I said in the last post, it was a light dusting of snow, most of it was gone by 2 p.m. The pile you see just in front of the wood pile is snow that slid off the roof a month earlier and it is going to be there a while, it will take quite a while longe…

  • Good Morning 4-17-19 up here on top of the world

    However today I awoke to find a fresh dusting of snow covering everything.

  • 4-10-19

    This is what the yard was like 7 days ago on the 10th of April.

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