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May showers

05 May 2021 4
There's a saying in the lower forty eight: April showers bring May flowers. Here, in the interior of Alaska, it's May showers that bring June flowers.

rain drops

rain drops falling on my

05 May 2021 4
Transition, winter to summer. It'll be first week of June before we can be reasonably sure there won't be a hard frost and can start outside gardening. None the less these rain showers are quite welcome.

Blue sky and rain

05 May 2021 3
Summer's getting closer!

oh well

29 Apr 2021 9
Right here, right now, 30 April 2021, I don't think I'll mow the lawn today, oh well....

Beauty's in the eye of the beer holder

21 Apr 2021 1 2 18
Beauty's in the eye of the beer holder. Ink and watercolors, 9 by 12 inches (22 by 30 cm.). Commissioned work, sold. Not fine and fancy? Hey what da ya expect, the negotiated price was one bottle of Guinness stout. It's a self portrait, by the way.

guard moose

16 Apr 2021 1 17
My guard moose at work, quite effective at discouraging visitors.

spring morn

14 Apr 2021 1 15
My house as the sun rises on a spring morning this week.

heavy snow day

04 Apr 2021 14
Just enjoying another fine spring day in Alaska.

not a good view from the upstairs porch today

the view needs changing

Spring has sprung

slowly coming down

Alaska Spring 2021

26 Mar 2021 18
Spring time in Alaska! Today the snow's around 34 inches (86 cm.) deep

Throwaway today

26 Mar 2021 1 17
Today's throwaway painting, acrylics on cardboard beer box, roughly 9 by 23 inches.

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