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  • In all candor

    Last night we had our first life drawing session of the season. We cancel these sessions during the summer as no one wants to stay inside and sketch when they can be out enjoying our 24 hours of daylight! I can see I need to sharpen my drawing skills aft…

  • Cabbages and things

    Watercolor, Yarka pans, on 9 by 12 inch Canson's 150 pound cold pressed paper.

  • More snow and frost last night.

  • Probably red fox

    On the trail to my river shop.

  • ready

    I've 3 or 4 cords of firewood split and stacked.

  • Friday the 13th's aurora

    & before I go to sleep.....

  • Bottle girl & 2nd snow '17

    We got a little more snow last night, around an inch (3 cm).

  • with a bit of frost

  • Who?

    Sumi-e, brushed ink on 'rice' paper.

  • card weaved

    Here is the finished tablet weave that I posted working on the other day.

  • 2017, 1st snow

    I awoke this morning to find the first snow of the season dusting my yard. It turned to rain now and this snow won't stick, but as things cool off the next snowfall may still be on the ground in April.

  • card weaving

    Card, or Tablet, weaving. I started this, making the cards & weaving, to get my granddaughter interested in the craft. So far, no luck with her but I'm enjoying it. If anyone's interested in doing this, there is a wealth of information available on th…

  • Autumn riot

    Watercolor on 9 by 12 inch Canson's 140 pound cold pressed paper.

  • Deal


  • On a slow day at work

    Hey, it was a really slow day at the office & I had pen and paper handy.... ;-)

  • The Yarrow is about the last to hold it's blooms.

  • I thought it was funny

    back in the day...

  • Nice

    Figure I'll try to squeeze in a few more autumn pics.

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