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  • Refine

    Alaska willow charcoal on sketch paper, 'fixed' with linseed oil and mounted over colored and white paper.

  • One minute poses

    The model wanted this one, but I took this picture of it before we left the studio.

  • Sandday

    I didn't do it this year but I'll often take a break from our cold Alaska winters with a trip to the Orient. None the less the idea often crosses my mind during these drawing sessions. Ink and oil plastel on Bristol vellum paper.

  • Alternative to google search

  • Shades of play

    Ink and oil pastels.

  • Dreams

    2 minute pose, from last weeks life drawing session. Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper.

  • Ukiyo

    Ink and oil pastels on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper. & why yes, I did this at a life drawing session. ;-)

  • Back then

    I'm transferring some old slides over to digital. This is my son, over 45 years ago.

  • Almost 28 inches (71 cm.) now

    & this evening the snow depth is..

  • Seek

    I did this sketch at last week's life drawing session. Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper. Afterwards I treated it with linseed oil, bonding the charcoal to the paper making it pretty much archival. I experimented with this technique…

  • The weight of the season

  • 20 inches (51 cm)

    The snow is 20 inches deep and more snow expected today and tomorrow. Oh well....

  • Pacfic dreaming

    Colored pencil on sketch paper. Just playin' around.

  • Plug in at -40°

    OK, here in the north country most vehicles are winterized; equipped with battery blankets, anti-freeze protected for temperatures below minus forty degrees, and an engine heater that one plugs in during cold weather to assure the engine is warm enough to…

  • Darlin'

    Colored pencil on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper. did at this week's life drawing session.

  • sometimes

    Alaska willow charcoal on sketch paper.

  • Saturay light

  • Otherwise

    I was chatting with Christine, over in my articles section under the 'File Under Craft Behind Art' article, about 'Fixing" charcoal drawings by brushing linseed oil on the back. then hanging and letting it air dry & how the charcoal can migrate, changing…

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