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  • working

    I had to modify a crucible holder to fit a new crucible for melting metal. So I fired up the forge, reshaped the holder and now it works fine.

  • Life in Alaska

    Summers are short up here on top of the world... but sweet.

  • can boy & bottle girl

    So! Bottle Girl and Can Boy can enjoy the white nights and the Alaska summer together.

  • Can Boy

    Since bottle girl looked lonely I, today, built Can Boy to keep her company.

  • April bottle girl

    Bottle Girl, whom I built last year, survived the winter and the snow quite well, but she looked a bit lonely.

  • Au

    Panned from Alaskan streams.

  • rake

  • Wild Alaskan rose

    Up here on top of the world, May showers bring June flowers.

  • just passing through


  • in the Jeep

    When I hopped in my Jeep the other day I noticed this spider hanging out over the passenger seat. I let her ride out to North Pole and back with me. I didn't make her put on the seat belt.

  • After all it is the 21st century

    So! If Marie Antoinette were around today, instead of saying; “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche”, let them eat cake, she just might have said "... la chou frisé." instead. OK, OK, maybe not. :-)

  • Evolution

    Here are the results of my playin' around using moose hair to make my own watercolor brushes.

  • Limits

    Charcoal on 9 by 14 inch sketch paper

  • at the park

    Quick sketch.

  • The death of Socrates

    Sigh. Earlier, elsewhere, I posted a quote from within the Essays of Michel De Montaigne; [“I hate men who jabber about philosophy, but do nothing.” —Pacuvius, ap Gellium, xiii. 8.] After spending most of the morning (over 4 hours) reading snippets from…

  • Weird Wednesday's doodle

    Ink(s) on 4 by 5 inch colored card stock

  • My river shop trail in spring

    That was at the end of March, now the snow is all gone,green leaves are bursting out.

  • After midnight

    Ink on 9 by 11 inch card stock.

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