Jim O'Neil's photos

  • Hum.

    Ink on card stock

  • One birtch is greening

    One birch in my yard decided it's warm enough to unfurl it's leaves for the summer, the 2 next to it aren't so sure.

  • Wednesday morning's doodle

    Ink (dip pen with a crow's quill nib) on colored card stock.

  • Tuesday morning doodle

    On colored card stock

  • Just a ball of yarn

  • Sunday sunrise

    Watercolor using moose hair brush on Canson's 140 lb (300g) cold pressed paper. 12 by 18 inches (30.5 x 45.7 cm).

  • Temtation

    I enjoy, as with this work, often starting without a clear plan in mind, laying down a single bold stroke and seeing where it leads me. Pastels on 9 by 11 inch colored card stock.

  • Revelation

    I also enjoy, since I paint/draw purely for pleasure, finding out what happens if I do this or that to a finished work. Pastels on 9 by 11 inch colored card stock.

  • Moose hair brush 4

    I don't think I'll end up using only brushes I made myself for watercolor painting, but I do like them.

  • doodle

  • Soon to melt fresh moose tracks in the snow

  • 2nd moose hair brush

    I'm still experimenting with moose hair brushes. This is my second one, the hair is brown at the tip end shading to white as the base. On this one I put the base ends out, to see how that works.

  • 2nd painting with moose hair brush

    It looks like moose hair might be quite suitable for paint brushes.

  • Moose hair brush, POC

    POC. Proof Of Concept. A quick and dirty test with a quick and dirty brush. It has a nice resilience, points well and holds a good volume of paint. This first try with my moose hair brush, I lost one bristle and none of them broke. If it holds up as w…

  • setup

    Setting up to test my moose hair brush. The paper is Canson's 140 lb. (300g) XL cold press watercolor paper. For a lot of studio painting I use these little serving dishes from Freddies (Fred Myers) as paint pans. They are over 6 times bigger than a st…

  • test

    OK, some 50 years ago I made a raw moose hide (with the fur on) sheath for my hunting rifle. It served me quite well over the years, the rigidity of the raw hide and the resiliency of the fur protected it quite well on sleds, snow machines, canoes, river…

  • Green man

    It's a dull, overcast, day up here on top of the world. The snow is mostly melted puddles. The deciduous trees are stark and bare, but if you look closely, you see the leaf buds are swollen, ready to burst. You can almost hear the sap flowing up from th…

  • The wall spring 2017

    Alas our life drawing sessions are over until next winter (No one wants to sit inside sketching with close to 24 hours of glorious sunlight outside!), -but I've many of my sketches from this year's sessions on this wall.

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