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  • +70 ain't bad either


  • Demented dimentions

    Oil pastels on Bristol vellum paper.

  • Shattered

    Acrylic and charcoal on paper, 11 by 14 inches.

  • doodle 5-29-18

  • The river's running bank high

    Snow melting in the high country, rain in the hills, a lot of water passing my property.

  • Alaska spring

  • Monday 5-28-18 doodle

  • Sunday Poodle Doodle

  • Milling

    This is about 8 gallons (30 liters) of instant beer, my White Nights Stout. Just add hops, water, heat, yeast, and about two weeks time and it's ready to drink!

  • The grain and the mill

    Yes, yesterday was brew day and here's the grain ready to be milled. Behind it is my mill, I made the large wood pulley to drive it.

  • Pulley

    Yesterday was brew day. Some years back I got tired of turning the crank on my grain mill so I motorized it. To do so I needed a rather large pulley, some 2 feet ( around 61 cm.) in diameter. OK, OK I could have bought one but it was more interestin…

  • Saturday 5-26-18 doodle

  • doodle, Friday 5-25-18

    A doodle a day keeps arthritis away? ;-)

  • Thursday's doodle 5-24-18

    & it look like it'll rain all weekend.

  • Wednesday doodle 5-23-18

  • Today's doodle

  • Monday's two line doodle

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