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Updated on: July  4, 2020.
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vignettes - 3 days ago

Super short, short stories.

  • Rant #6858

    - June 21, 2020
    Just as a thought exercise, I tried to recall the 20 year old me of 1958 and tried to look at America, the world, today from that viewpoint. Space X, Falcon 9, the Dragon launch, etc., yep 20 year old me could appreciate and delight in that, a natural progression from the Sputnik launch in ‘57. The population explosion? Of course, easy to understand and expected, seeing the almost exponential population growth following WW II. Much of today, however, would be completely alien and absol…

  • Tomorrow's built on Yesterdays

    - June 12, 2020
    Just some thoughts while watching the fall of civilization and the absurdities marking the start of the 21st century.

Japanese Manhole Covers, album created on June  4, 2013

When walking around, seeing the sights, sometimes it's worthwhile to look down.

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dolores666 club
Thanks for the visit, Jim. Give my love to Alaska.
14 months ago.
 ima moderator
ima moderator club
Thanks Jim for the Fun reply to the ticket... it made me laugh a lot !!

Pam J (IMA Team )
2 years ago.
 Jim O'Neil
Jim O'Neil club
Thank you Martha!
2 years ago.
 Leiela (MCR)
Leiela (MCR)
Amikajn salutojn, kara Jim. Fartu bone !
2 years ago.
 Jim O'Neil
Jim O'Neil club
& quite a beautiful day, here on top of the world also, Christine!
3 years ago.

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