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  • 20170705 A MopBrush

    Someone asked about brushes, which got me thinking about the brushes I use. Mostly, I'm lazy and use a waterbrush, but I do love my mop brushes, this one and a small travel version both hold lots of water and paint and are a good size for sketchbook pain…

  • IMA News 4 June 2017

    Please share | Partagez ce message s'il vous plait | Bitte teilen www.ipernity.com/doc/serola/44775824/siz es/240 = EN = Dear Users, It is estimated IMA will take over the Ipernity platform legally between the end of June 2017 to the end of August 2…

  • 2017-05-28 Toits-de-Paris IX web

    Toits de Paris IX - Aquarell - 40 x 40 cm

  • IMA NEWS May 2, 2017

    (Available translations: Français, Deutsch) Please share | Partagez s'il vous plait | Bitte teilen = EN = This news has been written collaboratively by the IMA team. Please feel free to share the news elsewhere. As many have already noticed, Mr. Chris…


    CHAMPAGNE ♫♪ by Jacques Higelin Acceptance of IMA's proposal! 19-04-17 El Sr. Christophe Ruelle firmó la carta de intención confirmando su aceptación de la propuesta de IMA. Una copia de este documento se puede encontrar en el sitio web de IMA [EN-FR] a…

  • WWll Hero - Japanese Diplomat in Lithuania.

    This man saved 6000 Jews. He was a Japanese diplomat in Lithuania,when the Nazis began the rounding up of the Jews, Chiune Sugihara risked his life to start issuing unlawful travel visas to Jews. He hand-wrote them 18 hrs a day. The day his consul…

  • 2016-08-08 A-la-memoire-des-victimes web

    A la memoire des victimes "BATACLAN - 13.11.2015" (Zum Andenken an die Opfer, In memory of the victims) - Aquarell - 40 x 30 cm

  • kingbird

    From another series in the sketchbook stack. Mixed media

  • bwf -Figurative wc20151210 16085972

    By artbwf

  • Paris, two weeks ago. A tribute for those who fell.

    When we were crossing the bridge Alexandre III - one of the most beautiful in Paris - I indulged myself into a very touristic behavior, shooting the Tour Eiffet for a few minutes, laughing at myself, but unable to resist (I go very often to Paris, therefo…

  • 26.10.15


  • L'Espagnole, last work, wish i could go on but...

    acrylique sur toile.

  • Jan17Art

    The end snuck up on me, BAM this Hand*book watercolor sketchbook has ended. I've cracked open a watercolor Moleskine for my 30th sketchbook for my daily drawings. I keep other sketchbooks for classes, travel journals, note taking, doodling, I don't numb…

  • Jan07Art

    #Je suis Charlie Terrorists attacked a newspaper office this morning in Paris and murdered 12 unarmed innocent artists because they were offended, OFFENDED by the cartoons this newspaper publishes. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the mur…


  • Liz Steel's Lesson 4....

    A stack of books was the assignment...I think I over did, but I was not unhappy with the result.


    all from my own garden ... except for the plums, stolen in the neighbors' garden. A swiss brand of plums, absolutely great for the pies...

  • IF Skull WTF are you drawing?

    Yesterday evening I was lazy, sat in front of the TV and sketched silly stuff....Oh...I forgot the rose ;-)

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