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  • High Steel In The City

    - 2 months ago
    I was talking here with a digital friend, Gray Wolf , a gentleman quite, rightfully, proud of his American Indian heritage and it brought back some memories from the early sixties in NYC. At the time I worked for a time lock company and this story starts with me shooting the bull with a fellow worker named Jim Cavanaugh. While talking it came up that he originally wanted to be a high steel worker, one of the guys twenty or many many more stories up riveting the sky scrapers together.…

  • Eskimo’s Story 12/25/86

    - May 24, 2019
    Met a nice Eskimo on the flight down from Prudhoe. He has just been elected village President (He didn't know about the election or that he was running until one of his friends called him and said, "ha ha, you are elected.) and was coming down to Fairbanks to negotiate $400,000.00 in back taxes for the villagers with the IRS. He told me about how a shaman drummed his grandfather to death. The shaman beat the drum while walking 'round his grandfather's house five times and a blood vein burst i…

  • vignettes

    - April 16, 2019
    Super short, short stories.

  • Red Neck Buddha Cones:

    - March  1, 2019
    Red Neck Buddha Cones: So! For many years I’ve been impressed with Zen Buddhism and zen koans (short, sharp, arguments illogically leading to enlightenment), so, so, so here are some of that pecker wood cracker, Bubba’s, Cones At the Xroads Bubba & Billybob, walking to the bar. Meet Sallymae at the cross roads. Bubba; “How you doin’ Sallymae?” & Sallymae spends 20 minutes ‘splain’ just how’s she doin’. Later at the bar, Billybob: “Shucky darn Bubba whatfo you waste so much time…

  • Haiku(s)

    - February 18, 2019 - 10 comments
    Two cords firewood, Spruce, birch a little alder. Should last till spring. ******* A light snowfall Continuing day and night, Deep snow cover. ******* Heavy rain today Silence is quite deafening After the deluge. ******* The fourth day of June The sun shines after midnight Home in Alaska. ******* I am reading now The Roar of Queen Srimala A Buddhist Sutra. ****** Snow covers the ground Mist shrouding the distant hills Fine October day! ****** In the north coun…

  • Vignettes

    - November 18, 2018
    I'll be poisting very short vignettes here.

  • The Fall Of Western Civilization

    - May 31, 2018
    Not darkness shattered by a sudden cry But instead, an almost silent sigh That’s quite absurd But all that’s heard. And another day dawns brightly Over scapes that are unsightly While we all pass by And never wonder why. The populace eschews the past Noting that the future’s vast Ignoring it’s chaotic And rootless, is necrotic. Great while it lasted But everything passes In death all are equal There is no sequel.

  • A Little Literary Labyrinth

    - April  3, 2018
    Down on the farm, in 1984 It was a horror show But the oranges flowed like clockwork Sprouting out from Dragon's teeth Careful of the third wish. And now today They say The way is gay One should play No matter what may Yet I just read the words of dead Carl () and little rats feet 'cause nothing like us ever was. Two legs are good for bitter or for wurst Alex and his droogs are alive and sell Lanny's sister's long gone dead The soy boy a goyisch cup of Cheetos While the rat…

  • Just Sayin'

    - March  8, 2018
    Just sayin' Sometimes I holler when the water's right But most nows and knows I float the flow. When on top the depth don't matter and down I find my ground. I had a lot to say about today, yesterday, But now the wind is blowing from the east and handy as that is, I'll take another tack. When all is said and done Then all is done and said, But then again, most often, one can appraise and, perhaps, rephrase. To clown or not to clown But where's the rub er nose? A la…

  • Cork screw, who needs a stinkin' cork screw?

    - February 18, 2018
    OK kiddies, story time: Some years back, here in Fairbanks, Alaska, I was exploring one of the old cabins along the creek were the original gold discovery claim for this mining district is at. Two miners had obviously lived there as there were 2 bunks, two stools, etc. I noticed two deep dents torn and worn in to the small table edge, one on each side, which struck me as curious strange. Checking outside, in the kitchen midden, garbage heap, I noticed it was mostly quart bottles, a…

  • File under craft behind the art

    - February  3, 2018
    Why yes, you can "Fix" a charcoal drawing (keep it from smearing when touched) using cheap hair spray, rather than stinky fixatives from the art supply stores. I've been told the hair spray will yellow over time, but I've 30-40 year old drawings that show no color change. Lately though, I've been fixing my charcoal drawing with urethane spar varnish applied with a brush. Of course your first thought is but but but, the brush will smear the charcoal all over the place! Ha! not if you apply…

  • Art... but...

    - February  2, 2018
    Art is art but location is important and, to state the obvious, art critics are (mostly) pompous asses.

  • The Day After Christmas

    - December 26, 2017
    Tis the day after Christmas and all though the house, everybody was scurrying including the spouse. Stockings were scattered all over the floor, and St. Nick's sooty footprints led out through the door. The children are frantic and bouncing off walls, tossing 'round sugarplums and shouting cat calls. Ma with her broom and I with my shovel, shift through the wrapping and dispose of the rubble. Then out in the yard there arouse a commotion, as to what it could be, I hadn't a notion. So I ran…

  • Donnelly Flats

    - July 20, 2017
    In my old Jeep With the top down 140 or so miles south of Fairbanks driving a ridge from Delta to the edge Of Donnelly Flats. Pause And look at The flat, arrow straight ten miles Of road bisecting alpine tundra, Clear, absolutely unobstructed view Three miles or so each side. No cars, no moose no caribou Or bears Or cops. So... Let out the clutch Upshift Gas pedal tight against the floorboards Speedometer reading well over a hundred As I leave the ridge and hit the flats…

  • Road Trip

    - July 19, 2017 - 1 comment
    Fairbanks to Valdez, A couplet and a tease. Three hundred and fifty eight Smooth rough, worn or great Miles. Smiles. Fairbanks, a semi-arid plain Valdez, maritime , with rain. The road between through ranging mountains, Lakes and glaciers, crystal fountains. Alpine tundra, black spruce forests Rain and wind provide a chorus. Donnely flats a sea of mist The dome a shadow through the rain Another passing on the list And coming b…

  • Sometimes it's great to be wrong

    - April 14, 2017
    So! Back in the fifties In the middle of Florida 5, let's see, no, 7, of us had been, caving, spelunking but that's another story. None the less, after spelunking, we all hopped in 2 cars to head back to campus. Now It was a hot day, so we'd left the doors open on the cars. Drivin' back, in our car we suddenly heard a sound from 'neath the seat to my ear it was pretty damn close to a sound I'd head before, the dry repeating rhythm of the rattle of a rather peeved rattlesnake!…

  • Goldilocks and the three Beers

    - October  9, 2016 - 1 comment
    Marrie Smit, here on Ipernity just asked me to tell her a story and since right now it's about 2 A.M. in the Netherlands, where she lives, I figured I better tell her a nice bedtime story so, Marri, here it is!

  • Seldom Seen

    - May 14, 2016
    Five years ago a lynx in the yard. Fifty years ago a bookshelf dancing Off the wall in NYC. Five days ago a raven Sitting in a spruce tree Cussing at an owl On another branch Three feet away. Five months ago Auroras dancing across the sky Night after night After night. Five minutes ago an honest politician. The last, of course Is a bare faced lie, All the rest are true. J O'N, 14 May 2016

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