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  • waiting for the parade

  • distance

    Playing around with acrylics on cold pressed watercolor paper.

  • Alaska Range

    As seen from 75 miles (120 km) away

  • Fireweed up close

  • Yarrow

  • wild rubarb

  • Lost in

    Still playing with fixing images with linseed oil and with the translucence of same.

  • briefly beautiful

  • Dwarf Dogwood

  • Wild Iris

  • Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!

    Yea, it's an old joke...

  • Stepping & checking

    Stepping the mast and checking out the standing rigging on my Balboa 26 sailboat. Hey, anybody that lives only 367 miles (584 kilometers) from the ocean absolutely needs a sailboat, right? -grin-

  • Dandy

  • In Healy

    I drown down to Healy (around 120 miles or 193 kilometers) yesterday to buy some jalapeno peppers at this store.

  • CIMG7175

    The bottle on the left is the largest I could find in my local stores, two bottles on the right are from Healy

  • Lilacs 2018

  • Otis Taylor

    Listening to Otis in France ( Otis Taylor au festival Sons d'hiver le 14 février 2015 (CRÉTEIL FRANCE) ) on you tube: youtu.be/pWUaw-5H3iY Pastels on black card stock.

  • Solstice

    Yesterday up here on top of the world, summer solstice, A day that was 21 hours and 50 minutes long. 21 hours and 50 minutes between sunrise and sunset. Today is 20 seconds shorter. Chalk pastels on colored paper, 9 by 12 inches (23 by 30 cm).

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