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  • Wednesday's doodle

    OK, OK, it's just a doodle. -grin-

  • Tuesday's doodle

  • Monday doodle

  • Bottle girl bids the snow goodbye

  • sunday doodle

    Lately working with wood is absorbing much of my time, but I think I'll try to do at least one meaningless doodle a day, just so I don't forget which end of the pen or brush goes on the paper.

  • tiny spider

  • High water

    The snow is melting in the hills and the Chena River, at the edge of my property, is flowing full, carrying trees and other debris.

  • The calm below the storm

    Charcoal and acrylic on oiled sketch paper.

  • Sunday moose

  • Sholes

    Charcoal and acrylic on oiled sketch paper.

  • Winter, last hurrah

    I'm happy to say the snow will soon be gone... For a month or few, at least. ;-)

  • Ready

    Charcoal and acrylic.

  • Ah, the pleasures of the season!

    Same view, 3 years apart.

  • bottle girl spring '18

    Bottle girl made it through another winter, in spite of the heavy snow loads this year, she's still in pretty good shape.

  • Alaskan Sakura

    As Sakura, cherry blossoms, is the harbinger of spring in Japan, here in the heart of Alaska the pussy willow announces the change of season. Both are fleeting, a brief delight.

  • Regret

    Charcoal and acrylic.

  • 1st lesson

    Charcoal and acrylic

  • computer repair

    OK, I gotta admit, just thinking about stomping on it and drawing same makes me feel a lot better! -grin-

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