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  • painted

    I've been building a closed cell foam boat, covered with cloth and finished painting it.

  • refurbishing

    I just got this sheet meta brake that sheers, bends, rolls up to 22 gauge 30 inch (76 cm) sheat metal that I'm cleaning up and refurbishing.

  • Winter ready

    Since summer's passing it's time to get ready for winter. I've a bit over two cords (256 cubic feet or 7 cubic meters) of firewood that I moved and stacked in preparation for the coming season.

  • Journal, Japan 2001

    I came across this sketch journal from a 2001 trip I made to Japan. Good memories!

  • The Great Buddha, Kotoku-in, Kamakura

    Originally this bronze Buddha was inside a temple. The temple was washed away in a tsunami in 1498 but the Buddha remains.

  • Lunch in Yokahama

    Nice meal!

  • Sunner's end, detail

    Actually we've a bit more summer left but the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler, winter's on it's way.

  • Shades

    Charcoal and oil pastels

  • Outside looking in

  • Return, WIP

    Acrylic on wood panel 20 by 16 inches (51 by 40 cm).

  • Splitting maul & hydraulic wood splitter

    We had a lot of trees broken by a heavy snow load last winter. Subsequently this summer, my wood handling tools are getting a workout.

  • Hydraulic splitter is far faster

    The splitting maul might be faster if I was younger. -grin-

  • joy

    I took this picture of my son close to 50 years ago.

  • cut bank

    Hum, it's about time to take a float trip down the river.

  • Golden Days 2018

    Ink and water color

  • K &Elephant ear

  • k at parade

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