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  • Fall

    Ink and watercolor on 150 pound cold pressed paper.

  • Also last weekend's snow

    We don't have a lot of wind during the winter so much of the snow sits lightly on the tree limbs.

  • Last weekend's snow

    We got about 5 inches (about 13 cm.).

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  • Dusted with snow

    This morning

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  • hand to bench

    Craftiness; OK I have a hand held sander or two but I needed a bench mounted sander to complete a project. So! I sawed a "U" in to a pieces of scrap wood that the nose of the sander fits in to, clamped the scrap wood to the work bench and, now, a bench sa…

  • wood to pully

    Sometimes you need an off size pulley or reel, if you have some scrap wood around it doesn't take too long to make what you need.

  • Halloween

    hang in there...

  • fish on the wire

    OK, those of you who follow me regularly and check in here often (Both of you) most probably remember that, back on 23 October, I posted a painting titled You Want, that I did while listening to Leonard Cohen's You Want It Darker. Well! Today I was list…

  • study?

    I just this minute finished this carefully planned, thought out and most delicately sketched practice drawing before I pack my sketching paraphernalia and head in to town for this week's life drawing session tonight. -grin-

  • Flow

    Ink and CrettacoloR Aquastics on Bristol vellum paper.

  • Listen

    Quick, 2 minute, sketch done at Last Thursday's life drawing session. Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper.

  • Just for

    Through the screen, just for fun.

  • If I could

    Ink and oil pastels on Bee's brown recycled rough sketch paper, 9 by 12 inches (22.9 by 30.5 cm).

  • Ice on the Chena

    I don't think I'll try skiing across the river just yet. :-)

  • Cold

    From last Thursday's life drawing session, charcoal on sketch paper, 11 by 14 inches.

  • you want

    Painted this while listening to Leonard Cohen's 'You want it darker' album. Watercolor on Canson's 140 pound cold pressed paper, 9 by 12 inches.

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