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  • DSCF0785

    Tonight's aurora

  • DSCF0784

    Tonight's aurora

  • DSCF0789

    Tonight's aurora

  • DSCF0788

    Tonight's aurora

  • stop and smell the insects

    OK, this is rule 2 for a satisfying, gratifying life.

  • Rule 7

    Rule 7 for a satisfying, gratifying life; never color within the lines.

  • oiled

    As anyone looking at this site can see, I do a lot of experimenting. In this case I took the sumi-e, 'Just', that I did and treated it with linseed oil, making the white 'rice' paper translucent and the picture basically as 'archival' as any oil painting…

  • oiled against white

    Here is who the 'oiled' sumi-e picture, 'Just', looks against a white background. Subsequently I've mounted it on heavy white card stock.

  • Fungi

  • fungi too

  • depth

    Sumi-e. For some reason, over the last few days, I've been having problems uploading pictures to Ipernity. Hum. It took 4 tries before I could upload this one.

  • More

    Here's lookin' at you.

  • Questionable

    This didn't quite go where I wanted.

  • Just

    Sumi-e. This one was fun!

  • Play

    Sumi-e, brushed ink on 'rice' paper. I did this one to loosen up and to experiment with shades of gray.

  • Time

  • Rest

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