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  • break time

    I'm taking a warmup break in my river shop from plowing snow with my Kawasaki Mule. It's pretty warm out today, around minus eight degrees Celsius, but my feet and hands still get a bit cold.

  • Oh well,

  • Laura

    From last week's drawing session. Ink and oil pastels on Bristol vellum paper. Laura, the model asked for this sketch but I took this picture before I gave it to her.

  • 1st sketches

    Good life drawing session in town Thursday. These were my first sketches, one minute poses, charcoal on sketch paper.

  • Iced Chena

    Winter is settling in and ice is building up on the Chena River at the edge of my property.

  • As seen from

    I just finished this, another painting on clear film, painting the foreground first and the the background on top of that and last, a white ground so the image is visible only through the film. Since it's winter up here on top of the world and a bit dark…

  • dreamed seen

    Here is the finished painting as seen through the clear film.

  • Dream etc., WIP

    OK, I've experimented before with painting on clear, acetate film, painting the foreground first and then painting the background over it so the image is viewed from the other side, through the film.

  • throwaway palettes

    I moved away from using wood palettes to glass many years ago. The glass is far easier to clean and if paint, oil or acrylic, does dry on it it's easy to scrape off with a razor blade scraper. The palette I use most often is an old 8 1/2 by 10 window pan…

  • Venus rising

    Acrylic on cardboard, 15 by 20 inches (38 by 51 cm).

  • October slough

    I posted a picture earlier of the slough down by my river shop that I took 9 September . Here's how it looks today.

  • strokes

    Acrylic on wood panel, 5 by 7 inches.

  • snow

    Not the first snow this season, but the most significant so far...

  • Liminality2

    Acrylic on canvas

  • Choping sugarcane

    Acrylic on 12 by 12 inch (30.5 by 30.5 cm.) canvas

  • Setup for sumi-e painting

    On the left is the suzuri, ink grinding stone. Below it is a fude fuki, rag for removing excess water or ink from the fude, brush. Beside the suzuri rests the sumi, ink stick. The sumi is sitting on the edge of the kami, paper. Above that is a fude, brus…

  • on top of the world

    OK, this one is closer to a traditional sumi-e, ink brush, painting. I've done a number of sumi-e of the Four Gentlemen (四君子): the plum (梅), the orchid (蘭), the bamboo (竹), and the chrysanthemum (菊). It's suggested that if you master and can capture thos…

  • Bamboo grove

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