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  • time to mow the lawn

    One problem with our 24 hours of daylight this time of year, if you don't mow every 3 days, in 6 days the yard looks like this! Quick and dirty doodle, pencil and pastel on card stock.

  • Highlights

    Just playin' around, doodling, ink and pastels on colored paper.

  • On a cool rainy morning in the North country

    The temperature at eleven this morning is 44°F. (6°C.), a light rain is falling interspersed with sudden, fierce, downpours. Perfect time to spend with a small open fire and a good book.

  • doing a little sketching

    Think small. ;-)

  • Wild Alaskan rose

    OK, now it's summer!

  • nice

    Not a bad day.

  • Strain

    Alaska willow charcoal on sketch paper, 11 by 14 inches.

  • Upon reading a sutra

    Ink and pastel on 'rice' paper. If any of my Japanese friends see this; I know my calligraphy, brush writing, is abominable but hey, you started learning brush writing in the kaisho form in the 3rd grade! I only approached it a few years ago. ;-)

  • Grouse crossing

    Here in Alaska moose a̲l̲w̲a̲y̲s̲ have the right of way, but I'll often wait for llittle birds to cross the road too.

  • just a study

    Alaska willow charcoal on sketch paaper.

  • doodle Monday 6-4-18

  • Close and personal.

  • doodle Sunday 6-3-18

  • passing moose

    Remember children, moose always have the right-of-way.

  • Saturday doodle 6-2-18

    Pastels, 4 by 5 1/2 inches (10 by 14 cm).

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