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  • Autumn's greetings

  • Dwarf Dogwood

  • Autum Birches

  • groundcover

  • k selfie

  • up too

  • content

    Pastels on colored paper.

  • Autumn reds

    The fall foliage of our deciduous trees, up here on top of the world, runs to shades of yellow. The only autumn reds we get is down on the ground cover.

  • Autumn yellows

    The autumn colors are starting to pop, up here on top of the world.

  • testing

    Fear not first you take the snow chains off your rig, then you separate one on the cross-link sections, braze or weld the links together and voila! You have a perfectly workable bottle opener!

  • worked

    Advice to help you survive the zombie apocalypse' OK there you are, the stores are all empty, you took off with your bug-out bag, get up in to the high timber and decide you deserve a drink but... You find you left your bottle opener at home, the horror…

  • discovery

    pastel doodle.

  • Creamer's field

    Stopped by Creamer's field over the weekend. It's long been a staging area for ducks, geese, sandhill cranes, etc., flocking up for their flights to warmer climes for the winter. Watercolor.

  • The wave

    Doodle on sun struck colored card stock.

  • Return

    Finished this. Acrylic on wood panel.

  • Proven

    All in all I am quite pleased with this little boat. It tracks quite well, actually surprisingly well, considering how short it is. It's light and highly maneuverable.

  • tested

    I had my friend Kumiko play with it on the pond to test it.

  • loaded

    The foam boat is extremely light weight, easy to load and move.

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