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  • meanwhile Malaysia

  • Sum

    Ink on sketch paper.

  • Long ago along the Lerna River

    I just digitized an album of pictures I took in the Russian far East. This is one of them.

  • Downstream from Yakutsk

  • Waiting for the....

    The docks or terminals for boat traffic along the Lena River are often built on barges such as this so they can be towed to safe harbor before the winter freezing of the river and the subsequent spring ice breakup and flooding with could wash them down st…

  • Speeding along the Lena

  • On a cliff above the Lena River

  • Fyodor

    I found that an artist friend of mine, Fyodor, in the Russian Far East, Saka Autonomous Republic, is celebrating his 70th birthday. this year. This is a book and one of his carvings he gave me back around 1999 when I visited his studio in Yakutsk.

  • time to mow the lawn

    One problem with our 24 hours of daylight this time of year, if you don't mow every 3 days, in 6 days the yard looks like this! Quick and dirty doodle, pencil and pastel on card stock.

  • Highlights

    Just playin' around, doodling, ink and pastels on colored paper.

  • On a cool rainy morning in the North country

    The temperature at eleven this morning is 44°F. (6°C.), a light rain is falling interspersed with sudden, fierce, downpours. Perfect time to spend with a small open fire and a good book.

  • doing a little sketching

    Think small. ;-)

  • Wild Alaskan rose

    OK, now it's summer!

  • nice

    Not a bad day.

  • Strain

    Alaska willow charcoal on sketch paper, 11 by 14 inches.

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