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  • tools

    Casting an aluminum statue yesterday,

  • cast, still molten & smoking

    This is the sand mold the aluminum poured and still molten.

  • crucible cooling

    Melting aluminum requires heating it and the crucible around 1220° F. (660°C.), so things take a while to cool afterwards.

  • Cruclble pour handle

    I use this to hold the red hot crucible and pour the molten metal in to the mold.

  • crucible lifting tongs

    Tongs to lift the crucible out of the smelting furnace.

  • Yesterday's cast

    So! This is the result of yesterday's smelting/casting. Cast in sand using the lost foam process.

  • cast size

    Around 3 by 5 inches or 8 by 12 cm.

  • Madonna

    Not the entertainer. Pastels on 9 by 12 inch colored card stock.

  • & in the shadows

    Again, I like this time of year.

  • Sister Ursula

    pastels on colored card stock

  • a good time of year

    Signs of autumn

  • Under autumn light

    Approaching winter.

  • Passin'

    Pastels on colored card stock.

  • Be prepared

    I'm almost ready for winter.

  • Misty Sunday

    The morning mist and quiet.

  • small

    Photo op[.

  • 3 grouse a grousein'

    3 grouse aloned the road in the evening.

  • B and the B

    Pastels on colored card stock.

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