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  • Science break

    I just came across a pile of stuff I did back in the sixties and seventies that I'll post here from time to time. This is a little cartoon I drew back in the early seventies.

  • Autumn, alas, is almost over

    These are tamaracks, deciduous trees, that disguise themselves as evergreens during the summer. Alas, autumn is pretty much over up here on top of the world, just about all of the deciduous trees in my yard have lost their leaves. However I still have…

  • Sumi-e Sunday

    Sumi-e, brushed ink on "rice" paper. Each is about 9 1/2 by 13 inches (24 by 33 centimeters)

  • safe passage

    a 9 by 12 inch watercolor doodle.

  • Autumn along the Chena river

  • Here today, gone tomorrow

    Autumn is our second shortest season.

  • On the river bank

    Our deciduous trees, here in Alaska, lean toward yellows and oranges for autumn colors, but some of the berry bushes and ground cover go for vivid reds

  • Chena River

    About a quarter of a mile upstream from my property.

  • Autumn carpet

    Beautiful while it lasts.

  • Call time out

    OOOOOK, I'm glad I got that out of my system. -grin- Watercolor on 9 by 12 inch cold pressed paper.

  • Cusp

    Another day in paradise.

  • Here on top of the world

    Watercolor, on 9 by 12 inch cold pressed paper.

  • Autumn light

    Nice way to start the day

  • Getting to be that time of year

    The days are getting cool and the nights are getting cooler, nice time of year for an open fire and hot water for tea sitting on the hobb.

  • Sunday morning sun

    Sunrise is later every day, each morning a reminder to get ready for winter. Tomorrow the time between sunrise and sunset, will be six minutes and thirty eight seconds shorter than today.

  • Audumn, short but oh so sweet

    It's not true that we only have two seasons up here on top of the world, winter and poor dog mushing season. None the less, any snow on the ground at the end of October will still be there in April which, of course makes us enjoy our bursting springs, sho…

  • 3 birch

    The climax forest up here is spruce. These 3 guys are struggling but doing a pretty good job of holding their own against the encroaching conifers.

  • My nearest neighbors

    From my house 360 degrees around I see only trees. No other houses visible, no roads, only land I've cleared and forest. I really like it that way.

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