Jim O'Neil's photos

  • CIMG6464

    In the yard.

  • 'tract in blue

    Abstract, distract, contract, subtract, retract, attract, extract? Acrylic on panel, 15 by 20 inches.

  • Seine netting

    Seine netter working Valdez Narrows.

  • Sawmill Bay

    Just off the Valdez Narrows.

  • CIMG6457

    Looking up while in Sawmill Bay, off the Valdez Narrows.

  • Valdez Harbor

  • Wedding veil falls

  • Worthington Glacier

    In Thomson Pass on the way to Valdez

  • 11 July road trip, Fairbanks to Valdez

    Using an app called tracks, mapped, in real time, our drive last Tuesday from Fairbanks down to Valdez, 358 miles (576 kilometers).

  • Seldom this quiet.

    Ink in 5 by 8 inch sketch book, plein air.

  • Engine #1

    This steam locomotive was running back in Alaska's gold rush days and has been restored and is operated by local steam buffs.

  • & the loser is.....

  • Dancing to a different strummer

    Colored pencil on colored card stock

  • even

    doodle on card stock.

  • odd

    Doodle on card stock.

  • Shelly

    Alaska willow charcoal on 11 by 14 inch sketch paper.

  • working

    I had to modify a crucible holder to fit a new crucible for melting metal. So I fired up the forge, reshaped the holder and now it works fine.

  • Life in Alaska

    Summers are short up here on top of the world... but sweet.

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