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Updated on: May 15, 2022.
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Homebrew Welder's Glass Filter - 9 months ago

====== UPDATE as my 'Club' membership has expired in the uncertainty of the IMA takeover many of the images in the article are not in my most recent 200 and thus will not be visible in the article ====== I've posted a couple of images on ipernity using ND filters made from welder's glass, a cheap way of emulating a Lee Big Stopper filter, and you can go to much higher ND factors too, I've made 900x and a 9600x ND and another which I guess is around 100,000x but I've not found a use for yet. I originally made the filters when I was using a 'point and shoot' and really didn't want to spend as much on an ND as I had on the camera. If you buy the bits off eBay the total cost of a filter is around £3

  • how to make an orb in gimp

    - July  6, 2017
    stuck in the wheel
    How to make this orb image and get a smooth join. Here's the original: I used GIMP to make the orb the following way: In GIMP the source image can be any shape and you'll get a circular result, (I think in other packages you'd need to scale the source to a rectangle first). 1) created a test orb using 'Filters>Distorts>Polar Coordinates' to see what happened. 2) the 'horizon' didn't match at the seam so I undid rotated slightly, redid and just repeat…

selfies, album created on May 18, 2021

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Swansea and Gower, album created on October 12, 2019

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but is its art?, album created on February  8, 2019

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Amazingstoker club
With the imminent demise of Ipernity I can also be found at Flickr, where my account is still ticking over, under the same name of amazingstoker. Maybe see you there.

[edit: there's now a group on Flickr where people are gathering ipernity_survivors]
5 years ago. Edited 5 years ago.
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Welcome to Rubber Duckies group! thank you to join my group.

Greetings, jeybee
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Dutt Changgle
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