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Updated on: May  6, 2021.

Midhopestones Chapel, album created on February 14, 2019

27 items in total.

Accumulated Self, Illustrated Man, album created on February 13, 2019

30 items in total.

Collected Cut Collages Collapses Curios Collations Collections and Acts of Canni…, album created on February 13, 2019

It does what it says on the can.

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Corals - 5 weeks ago

title Corals Or letters of deflection the glass jar wall thinning out near the skirting board apology offered but how sincerely I don’t even for a moment think are but the way trees begin to grow limits Out and in towards a point of recent and future departure difficulties it’s hard to finesse there is a state perhaps theory can be worked in to a different conclusion than the passage Continuing to flow through the corals of morn…

  • Prediction

    - March 29, 2021
    Prediction Prediction Treacle event audible anchor reversed split manoeuvred night sink and grip back to back close as peeled orange is living for the zest it was advertised to be unconscious but a better way Than when we looked for the start of a new tin of syrup is always a needed leverage substance until the point of the lid was placed as the essential mucus of the snail we had been Yesterday in the garden the stones there were…

  • Internal

    - March 21, 2021
    Internal Internal Distance where the old operatives scarred tight pull sealed the different the same steps of lost parts lead on and over the steady traffic the steady state worn Sense of the what’s left among the furrows the seed said the seed grew wet mashed sour grey together was never thrown seasons shrivelled in the filled ditches of the dead The year drawn pressed in squashed face down full masked crushed until it’s de…

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Remarkable work.
13 months ago.
Hey Steve, thank you for your comments.
14 months ago.
J.Garcia club
Hello, Steve!
I hope you return quickly
20 months ago. Edited 20 months ago.
J.Garcia club
Hello Steve!
23 months ago.
dolores666 club
Have a lovely break, don Esteban.
23 months ago.

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