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Updated on: May 25, 2020.

From my window, album created on April 21, 2020

Being in coronavirus lockdown and having limited walking ability drove me to start taking photos out my back bedroom window. It's really a computer/sewing room now and has good views. Fifty variations may be a step too far though but I'm giving it a go.

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Figgy pudding - 8 weeks ago


  • Memory is a funny thing.

    - April  3, 2019
    I've always had a bit of a temper. Liable to get into a strop at a perceived injustice even before I knew what justice was. Which probably explains my earliest memory. If it is a memory that is. The ingredients are a window, a cot, a blanket, an enamel pail, a door, my parents and a poo. I'd just performed in my nappy and it was really very pleasant. Satisfying, warm, soft and good to have got rid of. I could see my mother at the bottom of my cot and about to change me only she didn't. My f…

  • In transition

    - February 16, 2019
    After spending more than a year crawling around the house, holding onto furniture and doors, shopping online and endlessly reading about Brexit, I decided it was madness to be wearing hill-walking gear and began to buy ankle length skirts instead. I went for black because I love black and I felt gloomy and saw myself as one of those old Greek or Russian peasant women hobbling around on a stick. Granted I was using bright pink elbow crutches with red mules and hadn't got round to a headscarf bu…

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ROL/Photo club
Toc, toc, toc... contrôle.....!, Knock, knock, knock ... control .....!

Toc, toc, toc... contrôle.....!, Knock, knock, knock ... control .....!
3 weeks ago.
fifi club
Very dear friend of ipernity, I wish you a wonderful weekend and some rays of sun if the weather becomes mild.
4 months ago.
Annemarie club
Happy weekend
5 months ago.
Thérèse club
Hello Jean, une pensée pour toi qui viens de fêter ton anniversaire. Bonne santé pour la suite !
6 months ago.
 Leaticia Martinz
Leaticia Martinz
JOYEUX anniversaire avec du retard
Mes meilleurs voeux de bonheur et de joie
7 months ago.

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