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Updated on: June 15, 2017.

Lenox, album created on September 12, 2016

9 items in total.

Venice 2015, album created on January 20, 2016

Including our day trip to Murano, Torcello, Mazzorbo and Burano.

London 2015, album created on November 29, 2015

Six days in London in October 2015. Highlights include the art deco aeroworks factory in Lisson Grove, Nunhead Cemetery in the pouring rain (I've now seen all of the Magnificent Seven), Ai Weiwei at the Royal Academy, some mooching around the East End, Trinity Buoy Wharf and Bermondsey (with photo evidence of the last two this time, unlike last year when the camera crapped out on me). Also did 4 days in Venice, with photos in a separate album.

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All Present and Accounted For - 4 years ago

Well, almost all. Seems three or four of my nearly 4000 photos didn't transfer over to ipernity, but I can't figure out which they are. I'm currently bringing sets from F***r with ipernity's album importer, so maybe the AWOL photos will turn up in as I do that. (The album importer works like a charm -- I'm really impressed.) But I think I'll not be overly OCD about tracking down the errant photos. I continue to be impressed with the whole ipernity experience. I'm still finding my way around,…

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Saving Our Ipernity ...

As you are already aware ipernity is under threat of closure.

However, I’m pleased to say that a crowdfunding campaign has been initiated to raise funds to secure the platform's short term future in the first instance, but ultimately with a view to acquiring it for the community.

Many have already made a donation, myself included, and the campaign has got off to a great start, but there is still a way to go and less than a fortnight to reach the target … otherwise the site will almost certainly close.

So, I would urge you, if you haven't already made a pledge, but want ipernity to survive to follow the link below and donate as much as you can afford.

Help Save Ipernity

This is a unique opportunity then for everyone who loves ipernity and who wants it to not only survive, but to become somewhere we can call home for many years to come to help secure its future. Yes, there are still questions to be answered and hurdles to be overcome, but together we really can make a difference.

Please support the campaign in any way you can, be that by making a donation, encouraging your friends and family to do so, or even just by mentioning it on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.

Best wishes

3 months ago.
Hello from the UK! Many thanks for the visit and follow.
22 months ago.
Rob McMonigal
Rob McMonigal
Some really great work here in areas I have a strong interest in (street art, ghost signs). Just moved over here from you-know-where so most of mine isn't set up yet.
3 years ago.
Some very nice captures MJ, keep up with the good work.
3 years ago.
Yersinia pestis
Yersinia pestis
Hi MJ.

Good to see that you're still taking great photos.

I'm not sure about this place yet, but I'm not very happy with t'other place, so we'll see.
3 years ago.

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