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Updated on: May 14, 2020.

31 Flavors of Summer 2019, album created on September 28, 2019

We had ice cream/gelato/froyo/etc at 31 different places in Summer 2019.

Bathmobile 2019, album created on September 28, 2019

10 items in total.

Gallery for Madison G, album created on October  8, 2016

25 items in total.

Wheelcover for Gallifrey One

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Mystery Thrift Yarn Bag - 7 years ago

My friend texted me a photo of big mystery bags of yarn at our local thriftshop. "On my way," I texted back, and picked this one because it looked like bright colors with labeled skeins. By my count, nineteen skeins plus some balls of yarn--comes out to less than 75 cents a piece. Most of it is acrylic, but there were a few wool, and the bright orange in the right of the screen is two skeins of Italian mohair blend. Counting this as a good haul.

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