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Deborah Lundbech
Deborah Lundbech
Thank you, Alina!
3 months ago.
Alina Orlicka
Alina Orlicka
Have a wonderful day!
3 months ago.
Deborah Lundbech
Deborah Lundbech
A note on my collection: Almost all of my albums are incomplete. (Even drawing from my already posted photos.) I just have not had time to put all of them in multiple, appropriate albums yet - but I'm slowly getting there.
Also, I get bored easily and enjoy posting different images every day, rather than, say, one hundred images of WW1 in a row.
Which may make things seem a little random, but they do all go in albums.
So, if you are interested in a certain topic, check back from time to time, because there will probably be additional images, sooner or later.
Thanks for visiting!
3 years ago.

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