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Frosty morning


Coming soon, well not till April.

I was here today for about the first time in two years. Although I am walking with a stick and can't walk round the loch as I used to I'm doing so much better since the operation and am hoping that I'll be going right round before April.


More ! Let me have more ! Too much is never enough. Besotted, that's me.

The explorer

Boldly curious, exploring a shady green mysterious world.


Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year. My hip replacement is progressing well. I'm hoping to be able to drive in a week or so and get out photographing again. See you all in January. Born a humble weed, Mexico's gift to Christmas Glows gloriously.

The rusting road

Soft surface flaking the road rustles as we pass, red, yellow, orange, gold. My broadband is better and I'm just back from having a hip replacement operation. Hoping to get back to commenting soon.. I've been enjoying your photos.


Having a bit of a break for a while. Still having broadband problems. Looking, pondering. Aren't you curious to know what's catching my eye.

To Pam's recovery

You're climbing the wall. Many friendly branches reach out in encouragement.
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