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Having a bit of a break for a while. Still having broadband problems. Looking, pondering. Aren't you curious to know what's catching my eye.

To Pam's recovery

You're climbing the wall. Many friendly branches reach out in encouragement.


Change me cried the cloud. The wind brushed briskly through it. Such superb styling !

Cupboard love

Maybe we're great pals, but then there's sunflower seeds and only one perch.

Good day sunshine

For Pam Nature nourishes, Warm sunshine invigorates And gives strength to fly.

Here's looking at you

As I gaze I spy the honeysuckle berry looking back at me. LOVE AND ENERGY FOR PAM'S RECOVERY after her brain hemorrhage


Stubble fields

Me and my shadow

Can't help feeling good buzzing among the flowers. My shadows blue though.
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