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Updated on: 25 May 2022.
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Move images from one group to another - 2 years ago

Open the group where you want move the contributions from. Go to page 'Members'. On your own avatar, click the square blue four box icon: Then open the first image, and click the 'Add or remove from a group' icon on the 'ACTIONS' menu. Then add the image to another group. Go to next photo and do the same if need to. But you can only add as many images as the group allows within the limits of allowed quota! You have to either ask admins to increase the limit,…

  • Bookmarks and shortcuts

    - 07 Apr 2021
    ▶️ Explore New In case we decide to remove it from Explore menu. ▶️ Discover Groups List At IPERNITY - Ambassador pictures ▶️ Explore landscape groups Listed according to activity ▶️ Explore milestone groups According to fave*, favo* or visit*/view*, and listed according to activity ▶️ Explore the world with photos! In case someone wish to figure out how to improve it.

  • Sharing ipernity articles to Facebook and Twitter

    - 13 Mar 2021
    Ipernity Club News and Updates
    Several things learned, when trying to figure out how to get a nice image on articles shared to Facebook and Twitter. Sharing an article I discovered that it is better to always embed a small thumbnail image onto the beginning of the article. Otherwise there becomes some arbitrary " widescreen_example.png " image retrieved from the, where also ipernity icons and JavaScripts are stored. UPDATE: It is better to put the image somewhere around second paragraph. Anyway…

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So, what happened to my guestbook?
I put it into an article where I can also reply to comments. Moreover, I have always wanted to put this space into better use, and share shortcuts to useful articles.
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.